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Natural in Nature

I’ve been on a nude kick lately.  Not sure why. Maybe it’s all the melanin motivation in the air! I decided to embrace the natural order of things and showcase my curves, a trend-ish bag, and a pop of color in one of the most natural landscapes in the city, Douglas Park.



Douglas Park is one of the three major West Side parks designed by William Le Baron Jenney for Chicago. These Lawndale centric grounds are home to a community center, Riot Fest, and the non-profit Girls in The Game, which I featured in my season one Good Seeker podcast.  Douglas Park features several original lagoons and an array of trees and foliage. An excellent place for a How To Wear It shoot.



For this How To Wear It Wednesday, I paired by seemingly bone colored sheer maxi dress found at Marshalls. Nude dresses are hard to come by, especially when the typical “nude” color is biased towards darker complected people. According to, Nude is defined as being “naked or unclothed, as an individual or body.” Often times in fashion, nude is not always made for everyone in their natural shade. But this aside will have to wait for a future post.

I paired the dress with some skin tone comparable nude sandals by Stuart Weizman and tassel earrings from H&M. Both the shoes and earrings were on sale respectively, and the dress, well it came from Marshalls, so you already know it was at a reasonably low price. I added an oversized “handbag” to the outfit by incorporating a picnic basket I found at Antique Thrift, my favorite shop in my hometown of Dayton. The handbag was an ode to the ever popular straw bag trend; unlike the stylish straw bag, it can continuously serve a purpose beyond a photo ready accessory for the summer season.

This maxi dress is perfect for the remaining summer days when you just want to throw on something and go! If you are feeling self-conscious about your undergarments, try a nude tone bra and panty set underneath. This dress can also transition into early fall. Pair it with ankle length booties, and an oversized brown bomber jacket (check your local vintage shop’s menswear section) or a foresty green duster, bolo and a wide-brim hat for a western Dior Resort 2018 inspired look.

As a continuous push to embrace my natural everything, I’ve been stepping back into my own personal fashion comfort zone. During college and when I first moved to Chicago, I was much more outgoing when it came to my looks. Check out my Facebook. I literally looked like 10 different people with all the wigs I had. As I continue to develop the blog and actually share my personal style in a more public setting, I feel like I continue to gain back my ability to be unabashedly self-expressive through my very diverse style.

What do you think about Natural in Nature?  How would you wear this swoon-worthy dress?

Oh! I am sure you are also wondering what is inside the picnic basket?


Ta-Da! Wine, a notebook, and a blanket. All you need for a perfect day in the park. Be sure to check out Douglas Park for yourself! Share your thoughts about the Natural in Nature look below.