Disclosure: This is not your average About introduction.

This blog is not just about fashion. Nope, it’s not just about my personal style. This is not just a blog for restaurant reviews or your typical guide for brunching in the city. Nor is this a blog just about what I did over the weekend or just my travel rendezvous.

Told you, not just your average introduction.

The Haute Seeker is more than all of that and is simply defined by the culture that it curates.

The Haute Seeker is a lifestyle platform for seeking and sharing fashion, arts, food, and the community good scene through the curious lenses of me, Taylor Justin.  The Haute Seeker actively seeks to enlighten outside perceptions by providing content that elevates, engages and enhances the culture.  This website comes as an extremely fulfilling challenge for me, as I openly share my journey of personal, spiritual,  growth as well as everyday explorations while living in the city of Chicago.

Stay seeking the unseen in Chicago with me.

It’s sure to be an unexpected experience.


Let’s Connect!

Have something worth seeking in the city? Want to collaborate on an upcoming project? Know someone perfect for a feature on the website? Fill out your contact information below!



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