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JP Thomas Shares Her Favorite Vegetarian Restaurant and Summertime Activities

Pasta from The Handlebar vegetarian restaurant Chicago with JP Thomas Seek Like a Local

In this week’s Seek Like a Local, JP Thomas breaks down her favorite vegetarian restaurants, non-profits that she supports, and summertime Chicago activities that are enjoyable pre and post-pandemic in Chicago.

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JP Thomas is a healthcare professional with a passion for equal access to health and a passion for fashion. This passion inspired her to start her blog, which focuses on health/fitness and affordable fashion. JP believes that when we look good, we feel good inside out.

What’s your favorite way to spend a summer day in the city?

My favorite pre-pandemic activity was going to all of the neighborhood street festivals in the summer. People watching and a good cocktail make for a great summer day.

What community organizations do you support?

Deborah’s Place—because every woman should be able to live in a safe environment.

Residents of Deborah’s Place// Image via Facebook

Where are the best neighborhood shops?

Definitely the West Loop!

Do you have any favorite local artists?

I honestly don’t have a favorite artist. I love music from almost all genres and periods!

Where do you like to dine in Chicago?

The Handlebar is my favorite Chicago restaurant. Dining out while vegetarian is not always the most relaxed, so finding a restaurant with a menu full of things I can eat is a definite win for me!

Pasta Dish from The Handlebar // Image via Facebook

To learn more about Chicago influencer JP Thomas and local influencer who blends all things beauty, fashion, and fitness—follow her on Instagram. JP Thomas combines fashion, beauty, and wellness and has an incredible following through Instagram. Be sure to follow her inspirational page.

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