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All American


We have learned over the past year of this election season that labels matter to Americans.

One cannot simply just be. They must be defined.

In this outfit, I define How I Wear It Wednesday, with an All-American styling. I show an appreciation for attributes that make American fashion great(again). This look is an appreciation of culture, self-expression, and the freedom to choose.  It is an All-American is a mashup of iconic American clothing articles, and African-inspired accessories.

Leather Jacket: All Saints, Necklace: Enza Accessories Shirt: Target, Skirt: The Limited, Booties: Crown Vintage

In this perfect fall look, I pair a classic denim shirt with a red midi skirt. The rest of the pieces were for pure accessorizing. I added a leather jacket and booties to create a slight ‘edgy’ look, and dawned a beautiful, handcrafted necklace to tie the whole look together.

This look can be altered in so many different ways, it is remotely endless. Loose the denim blouse and booties, and replace with a sheer top of any coordinating color for a simply sexier option. Ditch this skirt and add jeans for a denim on denim, wild wild western inspired look.

Fashion is diverse and dynamic just like this country. Embracing traditional clothing with new culture influences is what continually drives and changes the industry and our nation in general.

As I hop off of my semi-political soap box, I encourage all of my fellow seekers to continue to liberate your fashion and lifestyle choices. There is nothing wrong with mixing it up!

Fellow Seekers, How Would You Wear the All-American look?


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