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8 Ways to Wear Denim Differently


The Trend

The streets have spoken and the runway had no choice but to comply. Denim, a textile icon of sorts, has left its traditional place of jeans and jackets and has emerged as the “it” fabric this year. This spring we see a full resurgence of denim being used creatively across all genres of fashion. The traditional American classic has resurfaced on the runways in the forms of tailored suits, as seen at Gucci, adorn with floral embellishments as seen in Huishan Zhang, to full-length trenches as shown at Tommy Hilfiger.


how to Wear Denim

Right now, it is the perfect time to embrace the trend! Personally, I will be seeking some different silhouette options for my jean collection. I have been a faithful skinny jean girl for years. I am looking forward to adding some high-waisted options in lighter shades, as well as patched worked denim, and some fun trousers for something a little more trendy.

I have always been a huge fan of denim dresses, so don’t be surprised if I feature it in another fashion post, rocking one of these funky options. Another way to embrace the trend is the classic jean jacket. The look, across all brands, are all about the details. Find or recreate your own jacket with patches, pins, grommets, spray paint, or anything else that will make it stand out.

Denim has become very creative.  Not sure if it is the historical pride in the traditional fabric that designers are embracing the material or if it is just a continued appreciation of 90’s culture, either way, denim in its various forms is here to stay, even for the fall season.

Check out the list below to see some great ways to wear denim this season.


Bronson, High Waist Wrap Jumpsuit, $230 available at  G-Star Raw Wicker Park.


Mother Denim, inside crop fray, $268 available at P.45.


Stella McCartney, Shirt, $765 available at Ikram.


Dearborn Denim & Apparel, Straight Leg Light Wash, $49 available at Dearborn Denim.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 12.01.19 AM.png

Work Wear Chore Coat, Denim Jacket, $98 available at Levi.


Denim Trench, High-Rise High Low Skinny Jeans, $49, available at Shop 500 Boutique.


Pilcro Script, High-Rise High Low Skinny Jeans, $148, available at Anthropologie.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.40.31 PM.png

Baby Face, Distressed Denim Ankle Heeled Booties, $49.99 available at Akira.

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