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Top Winter Fashion Trends To Know in 2021

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Winter is the perfect time to rethink your wardrobe. Here are the top winter fashion trends to know in 2021.

Return of the ’90s

Ask any Gen-Z’er, and they’ll tell you that 90’s fashion is back. Maybe they’re jealous they didn’t grow up in that unique decade, but this winter, you can incorporate a 90’s look into your closet. The ‘90s were known for stylish layers with minimal design – it includes chic trends that tapped into grunge and a rebellious attitude.

A slip dress over a band-tee is a cute look that can be dressed up or down. Throw a satin bomber jacket over this ensemble to keep you protected from the elements. Miniskirts are back in style and look amazing when paired with tights and a comfy cardigan sweater.

For the boys, a baggy sweatshirt with thick jeans and bulky shoes is the perfect look for capturing that decade while also staying warm. Coogi sweaters were a staple of that era and go great with light-washed overalls and chunky boots.

Winter Denim

Every fashionista knows that jeans will never go out of style – the denim clothing item was revolutionized in the mid-1800s and has been an American fixture ever since. For the winter, thick denim pants with a straight fit look great with any outfit and keep your legs warm. The high-waisted look is having a mini-revival, so don’t be afraid to raise those jeans up high!

Dark jeans are the preferred wash this season, incredibly baggy fits with flared bottoms. If the weather permits, opt for distressed designs. White, black, and brown jackets or sweaters pair well with darker denim, and the look is oh so comfy.

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Vests Are the Best

The preppy boarding school look is in, and vests are a hot commodity during the colder months. Textured sweater vests are adorable when paired with a collard dress or shirt. You can pair these items with loose-fitting jeans and lifestyle sneakers.

Puffy vests are perfect for staying stylish and comfy. Opt for oversized puffy vests to avoid that old-man politician vibe. This clothing item pairs well with a hoodie or flannel shirt.

The Modern Cowboy and Cowgirl

Our country’s love for the western look has never waned, and modern cowboy style is super popular during winter. Now, it’s essential to avoid the “Canadian tuxedo” of matching denim tops and bottoms and instead opt for contrasting layers. Denim jeans and jackets are key for this look but should never be the same wash – a corded fleece-lined jacket pairs well with light-washed jeans.

Channel your inner Blazing Saddles with the perfect western footwear! Grab a stylish boot that’s hardy and fashionable and perfect for sitting around a cozy bonfire with friends and family.

Denim is the most popular item this season, but don’t be afraid to mix in retro-looking layers and fashionable footwear. The top winter trends to know in 2021 are ultimately the styles that keep you warm and feeling your best self!

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