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Explore Downtown Chicago and the Nearby Northern Suburbs with Michele Thompson

From downtown Chicago food dining to Skokie suburban shopping, Michele Thompson shares her favorite things to eat, drink, and do in Chicago in this week’s Seek Like a Local.

Explore Chicago Like MICHELE THOMPSON

Michele is a true southern belle at heart from Alabama. On the weekdays she’s working a 9 to 5 but on the weekend she enjoys visiting new restaurants, traveling, creating meal plans, exercising, and cooking.

Michele Thompson featured on Seek Like a Local on The Haute Seeker
Michele Thompson // Image provided by Michele Thompson

Food Snob ( is a place where Michele’s passion for food comes to life. Subscribe to her platform as she shares her love for all things food, traveling, and supporting minority and female-owned restaurants and brands through Instagram and TikTok.

How do you give back to the Chicago community?

Since working in Chicago I’ve had the chance to work with My Block, My Hood, My City. I’ve enjoyed volunteering with this organization and I believe in what they stand for and what they are trying to do in the community. You can find out more information on My Block, My Hood, My City.

Who is your favorite local Chicago artist right now?

Dwight White—he used to work at Kraft Heinz and now he’s an artist full time. I always loved the murals he would paint around the city and thought to myself how talented he is. I’m always impressed when people can use both sides of their brain, working in corporate America, and are also very creative. You can follow him on Instagram at Dwhite.Original.

Artist Dwight White featured by Michele Thompson for Seek Like a Local series with The Haute Seeker
Dwight White working on a painting // Image by Dwight White via Instagram

Who has the best shops in Chicago? The City or the suburbs? 

I live in Rogers Park so I always find myself going to Skokie at Old Orchard Mall a lot. I love that area and they have the best shopping stores.

What are your top three dining destinations in Chicago? 

I have so many favorite restaurants it’s hard to choose just one! The top three that come to mind are Maple & Ash, Chicago’s Chicken Shack on Broadway, and The Whale.

Steak Frites from Maple and Ash dining in Chicago with Michele Thompson for Seek Like a Local series with The Haute Seeker
Steak Frites from Maple and Ash // Image via Facebook

What are your recommendations for family and friends visiting Chicago? 

Whenever my family and friends come to the city I always take them to the Bean, the London House and to grab famous Chicago food like Italian beef, hot dogs, or deep-dish pizza.

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