The Haute Seeker’s 12 most-read posts of 2019

As we wrap up 2019 and plan for a new year and new decade in 2020, I wanted to make sure that I compiled the top 12 posts from The Haute Seeker this year. The year has been truly incredible and it is such a blessing to reflect on all of the amazing content that has been created this year. Check out the stories, reviews, and events that Fellow Seekers, such as yourself, could not get over in 2019. Check out the full list below!

#1 23 Cool Place to Hangout this Winter in Chicago

Chicago has some of the cool places to people watch, work, and explore. This list complies with cool hangouts and hidden gems that are in various parts of the city. They are perfect for venturing to, especially during Chicago’s coldest months.

Find your new favorite hangout spot—check out the full list here

#2 The Ultimate Chicago Summer Festival Guide 2019

The words, “Summertime Chi” are some of the sweetest to hear and experience. This blog post featured over 50 plus free events, food festivals, concerts, and so much more, making it the ultimate guide for everything that took place over the warmest, inviting, and busy time of the year in Chicago.

See what you missed this summer by reading the Ultimate Chicago Summer Festival Guide of 2019

#3 16 of the Most Unique Chicago Museums to Visit

Chicago is home to one of the best-ranked museums in the world and also some of the most unique. Find different art and cultural experience If you are taking a trip to Chicago or looking for fun things to do, check out this list of 16 of the most unique and often overlooked museums in Chicago.

#4 Mix it Up: How to Wear Leopard and Camo Together

This post was one of my most searched posts of the year. The world was looking for fun was to match the camouflage pattern with cheetah print and vice versa. Needles to say, the combination earned rave reviews in 2019.

Mix prints and patterns with ease with helpful tips from this fashion blog post

#5 13 Unique and Romantic Date Ideas to Try in Chicago

Whether you are dating yourself or someone else—these date ideas are fantastic to try in Chicago. Don’t wait for the weather to break! These date ideas are great to try and experience throughout the year.

Prepare to blow your partner’s mind with these date ideas.

#6 The Statement Tee: Don’t Tread on Me

I created this fashion post a few years ago and saw it gain tremendous growth this year, earning a #7 spot on my list with absolutely no promotion. The post took off the early part of this year when women’s issues and rights became a high profile topic of discussion. The t-shirt was a symbolic and relevant topic of conversation that I was so grateful to be apart of this year.

See why this t-shirt made such a big statement in 2019 

#7 14 Cool(and Cheap) Things to do on a Weekday in Chicago

I love going out during the week! I think that gives you something to look forward to and make the work week go by that much faster. This list was a big hit this year because it complies with mostly free or cheap things to do in Chicago.

Check out all 14 Cool and Cheap Things to Do during the Weekday in Chicago here

#8 How to Celebrate Women’s History Month in Chicago

Women continue to make incredible strides, and it is so important to celebrate them every step of the way. This year, I shared over 15 events that celebrated women’s history month by highlighting shopping, arts, and culture events that took place in Chicago.

See the full list of events for women by women in Chicago 

#9 24 Black History Month Celebrations in Chicago

Celebrating black culture and heritage during February is a long-standing tradition. It is my joy to make it easy to celebrate Black History Month by sharing events and things to do that uplift African-Americans and glorifies our history and accomplishments in Chicago.

Check out all 24 2019 Black History Month Celebrations here

#10 Haute Happy Hours: Chicago Food and Drink Specials June 2019

For years Fellow Seekers have been asking me about cool places for happy hour or happy hour specials in Chicago. This summer, I finally gave in and created monthly lists of Chicagoland happy hour specials. I am now creating monthly happy hour guides, and cannot wait to create more in 2020. If you have a lead for a happy hour special in Chicago, feel free to email me at

Quench your thirst with the Haute Happy Hours Specials from June here

#11 25 Stunning Looks to Copy this Festival Season in Chicago

Brightly colored shades, mid-drift baring tops, glitter—just a few words to describe a stunning festival outfit. This blog post was compiled using some very fashionable profiles from Instagram, which I paired together with some of Chicago’s best festivals.

Stunt on them(whoever they are) all year-long with 25 Stunning Looks for Festival Season here 

#12 8 Different Self Care Activities to Try

In 2019, it was so vital for me to practice self-care. While trendy, it is an idea that celebrates wellness and allows you to focus on well—you! These were eight different activities that I tried throughout the year that yielded some incredible results and personal breakthroughs.

It’s all about you. Try these eight different self-care activities for yourself by checking out the full blog post here 

Honorable Mentions of 2019 (these were just as good)

The following made the Top 20 list – deserving honorable mentions for holding it down at the 13-17 spots

Wrapping Up 2019

There it is, readers, The Haute Seeker’s top 12 blog posts of 2019. These posts were the most read, most searched, and most the most shared content out of the year—how awesome is that!

Did your favorite post cut? Be sure to let me know by commenting below!


  1. Sonali Choudhury

    This is a great guide to look over when planning to go to Chicago. So many things i can do I never even thought. Thanks for the share.

  2. Katy

    OOo what a fun idea featuring your top reads! It’s amazing to look back at the year in this way and seeing what topics most resonate with the readers. Cheers to another year of successes!

  3. clydequin93

    Chicago sounds like a great place to visit in the USA. I’ve never been there but not a bad idea to pursue exploring this place. 🙂

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