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How To Make Your House Feel Like Your Home

How To Make Your House Feel Like Your Home

Whether you’re renting a space or just got your first new home, living in a place that doesn’t feel like your own can be stifling. That’s why learning how to make your house feel like your home is key for making the most of any living space. Use these tricks to make your space feel more your own.

Decorate With Nostalgia

The first step is to decorate the space with things that remind you of times you felt at home. Consider using the same colors that decorated your last home with or furniture you remember falling asleep on when you were a child. For example, you can bring prints of your favorite Chicago landmarks into your home no matter if you’re moving somewhere else in the city or off to another state.

These items add to the warmth of your home and can easily make your place feel like the place you live in and not just a place you sleep.

Find Personalized Art

Sometimes a place needs something that really represents you and marks the place as yours. Many people use artwork to accomplish this, and you can copy that trend to make the place more friendly. Try something like adding personalized monogram initials around your home. You can also use practical items like coffee mugs to put your personality on display at home!

Use a Theme You Love

A lot of interior design focuses on themes and trends that are currently popular, but you’ll make a property feel like home much faster by focusing on what you like. A home is something you fill to the brim with the people and things that you love. Otherwise, you’re just in someone else’s design and holding back your home’s potential to fit trends. Decorating the place with the themes and décor you love is crucial to making your house feel like your home.

Brighten the Space

Sadly, a lot of new homes and living places often only feature a bit of lighting. Although there’s a time and a place for mood lighting, a home is something you should see every part of. Try adding in new lights or more powerful fixtures to fully brighten up the place. This effort can create a space you feel welcome in and help you make the most of your property.

These are the steps you should take when transforming your house into a place you can call home. By keeping these rules in mind when designing your space, you can quickly transform any room into a place you’ll love spending time in.


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