8 Different Self Care Activities To Try

Early this year I shared my affirmations. Statements that I resolved to declare daily to manifest destiny into my life this year. Out of the five declarations that I made, number three has been the easiest for me to practice, “I will focus on caring for myself first, and foremost.” Well, not the easiest because self-care is hard, but the most consistent.

Self-care is something that everyone should practice to make themselves feel better. Period. It’s not limited to just #SelfcareSundays. In this post, I share eight different self-care activities that I enjoy doing and that are certainly worth trying.

1. Make a home-cooked meal

I find the most relaxing moments for me are when I cook at home. It’s therapeutic, cheaper, and seemingly healthier. I am not sure if its the chopping or sautéing, but making a home cooked meal feels good. Science Daily shares that cooking at home is better for your overall health and wealth which are two important aspects of self-care. That totally makes sense!

I can honestly say that this has been one of the easier self-care regiments for me to grasp. While cooking a meal can take time, it is ultimately gratifying. Below I share images from one of my favorite home-cooked meals, Shrimp and Chicken Fried Rice. It was simple and easy to make, plus it tasted much healthier than take-out. Making a home-cooked meal is an activity that is fun and delicious. Here is the recipe that I used that I found on Pinterest.

Vegetables for homemade Shrimp and Chicken Fried Rice
Easy to cook-homemade shrimp and chicken fried rice
Shrimp and Chicken Fried Rice—almost.
Finished product of my homemade Shrimp and Chicken Fried Rice
Homemade Shrimp and Chicken Fried Rice

2. Take a Bath

I have been a fan of Lush for quite a while, but never embraced bath bombs and their line of products as much as I do now! Taking a bath seems like a very easy self-care regiment right? But baths compared to a shower are more time consuming and force you to relax—which is the point. Taking a bath is a great self-care activity that you can incorporate any day of the week. I personally love Sundays or Friday nights. Sometimes, I even make a mini spa experience out of my bathtime by adding candles, a sheet mask, and some soulful music to help me unwind.

3. Become More Spiritual

I am a Christian. That is my belief system. And no, I am nowhere near being perfect in my belief. For someone who grew up in the church, I feel like I am still a baby believer. For many years, my acceptance of Christ was not based on my own belief but the upbringing and faith of others. Over the past few years, I have been on my journey of understanding my faith and my relationship with God. This is a connection that can only come by communicating, listening, engaging in him and his word.

This is my journey to becoming more spiritual. I believe that no matter what your spiritual or religious beliefs are, that it is essential to dive into the thing that keeps you moral and grounded as an individual. When times get rough, you know that it is all for something more significant. The only way to get to that point is to take the time in your self-care routine to learn more about your beliefs, to study, to meditate, praying, or whatever it is that you do to internally feel better.

4. Plan Your Week

Planning of the week ahead helps you to visualize your goals. Something that I have had to challenge myself to do lately. In high school, I was a planner obsessed person and lost that touch in my adult life. I am steady trying to bring it back and start my week offs by well, planning out my week. I make sure that my plans always align with my overall goals for the month and year.

In most recent years, I have challenged myself to create SMART goals; goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. One of my main goals this year is to invest in property. An example of a smart target for this investment is ‘I want to invest $200,000 or less in a multi-unit property in the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago by November of 2019. Once a goal is set, it’s all about putting it into action.

5. Write Down Your Thoughts

I have been a journal keeper ever since I was a young girl. I still have my diaries from when I was six years old! This self-care activity is significant because it helps to appreciate your progress journal entries for the longest time have always been about some frustration or sad situation that has happened in my life. It has been helpful for me to journal these feelings, get the negative thoughts out of my head, and keep it moving!

While a great part of my journaling up to this point has been more carp than compliment, I am making a concentrated effort to do better. Simply + Fiercely shares some great ideas about journaling for self-care that I am certainly going to use. The blogger shares this idea journaling and creating “gratitude lists.” Gratitude lists are essentially writing down everything that you are thankful for. When you are feeling down or just in a funky mood, you can go back to those journal entries and reflect on how awesome of a person I am and how the life I am living and the ambitions I have are incredible as well.

A planner and journal open alongside a bouquet of flowers by Flowers for Dreams in Chicago.
Image | Planner, journal, and flowers

6. Fill Your Day with Good Content

On Sundays, I love watching documentaries or listening to thought-provoking content. I recently started getting into the Brain Games on Netflix and am also listening to the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell through Audible. Both are fantastic ways to have my brain working and feeling super inspired and motivated.

The Year of Yes book cover by Shonda Rhimes.
Image | Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

7. Do Something Creative

I am so grateful to have my blog; it is a creative outlet for me every day! However, doing something that you do not have any expectations of but to do it is super fulfilling. It can be in the form of a class or for me, exploring the city. Below is a 35mm photo I took on a walk through the town one summer. Doing something creative is a way to focus on you and the things that make you who you are.

Black and white photo of Arts Diner in Chicago. Photo taken by Taylor Justin.
Image | Arts Diner by Taylor Justin

8. Get Your Selfie-On

There is nothing narcissistic about showing yourself some love. You deserve to capture yourself! Self-care is not acting selfish but of self-preservation. Taking a photo of your self is apart of that process. Taking selfies is an appreciation of your beauty and instills confidence. After all, who else is going to appreciate and take care of you more than you!

Taylor Justin smiling slightly with hand brushed up against hair that is in a bob.
Image | Selfie by Taylor Justin

The journey to practicing self-care is personal; it’s meant to be reflective and filled with amazing results. It won’t be easy, but incorporating some acts of self-care with ultimately help you feel better and bring about more joy in your life.

What are some of your favorite self-care activities?

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  1. Esther

    I’ve heard it quite a few times recently, to wake up but not turn to the phone first thing! Focus on the affirmations/goals/inspiration/truth first. That small change has helped me!

  2. lauragetsrichinhealth

    I LOvE all of this SOooooo much! I agree with everything and I’m also reading the year of yes right now. 💕💕

  3. Luna S

    I enjoy taking baths, it is so relaxing especially if you use a bathbomb and just soak. I sometimes put my phone on the back of the toilet and watch a movie on netflix while I soak.

  4. ansh997x

    I had not idea that these small things play such a great role in self care. I always try to plan my week because of the nature of my work but now I will concentrate on it more often.

  5. aisasami

    I do most of these already during the week but journaling is a bit hard because I can’t find time to really write.

    1. Taylor J

      Cooking is one of my favorites because it’s super therapeutic. Maybe try baking? The results are just as tasty!

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