The Haute Seeker

Sweet Simplicity at Pilsen B&G

french toast with bannanas and strawberry from Pilsen B&G

Confession: I may be a slightly high-maintenance girl, but at the end of the day. I really appreciate the simple things in life.

That was my experience when dining at Pilsen B&G in my Pilsen neighborhood.

After a previously so-so breakfast at another neighborhood restaurant, I decided to forgo the fancy brunch offers from other local eateries and seek out a place that simply provided good food, and good service.

Pilsen B&G did just that.

The restaurants bright decor welcomed me on the very VERY hot summer day. I was offered a seat by a fan, and in the shade, in the naturally lit restaurant, and could not have been more grateful.

I was handed a menu that had just the right amount of options for a sweet or savory appetite. I had been craving french toast for a while so I opted for that. One thing that really stood out to me was the side options. Sausage patties! I was ecstatic. I haven’t seen that type of meat offering since my Waffle House breakfast days. From that point on, I knew I was off to a great start with this place.


The meal was excellent. Nothing complicated about it.

The french toast was cooked to the right amount and was layered with fresh fruits. It was naturally sweetened, so that syrup that the waiter brought over was never touch. The sausage was good as well. Oh yeah, I also had a mimosa.20160723_115728

No thrift of thrills with this place, just quality food at really good prices.

Overall, my experience at Pilsen Break and Grill was simply very good.