Came One, Came All to the Powerful 2017 AGORA Sneakerball

The AGORA Sneakerball in Chicago is a non-traditional approach to the galas of the past that is ushering a new wave of philanthropic giving for the future.

Gray Matter is Empowering Entrepreneurial Endeavours for Black Youth

Gray Matter is providing African-American teens the tools they need to build, pursue, support and their own businesses.

Motivation for the Next Generation: Chicago Youth Opportunities Initiative

Chicago Youth Opportunities Initiative(CYOI) is motivating the next generation of leaders by creating mentorship and holistic developmental workshops for foster children across Chicago.

The Public Resurgence of Eugene Eda’s Doors for Malcolm X College

Eugene Eda's doors for Malcolm X College are currently on display to celebrate Public Art in Chicago.

IMPACT Chicago Shows Women they are Worth Protecting

IMPACT Chicago teaches women skills that minimize and prevent violence. These skills reinforce to women that they are worth protecting.

The Return of Chicago Black Restaurant Week

Black restaurant week is back again for its second year. Support the 29 new and returning local gems this week. Look out for specials and exclusive offers.