Nature’s Neutral

This year I am all for the collaboration. I am so happy to be working with Describe for the next couple of months. Creating looks and professional photos for the blog. Shout out to all my friends who have taken pictures for me so far. Don’t worry, your services will still be needed.

For this HTWITW, I created a simple monochrome look. Dressing up in one color is my favorite thing to do. Mostly, because it takes some skill to find colors that are the same shade. I mean, I don’t know about you, but as an example, I hate when my blacks don’t match. It’s a fashion killer, and not in a good way. For this look, I decided to pair my greens together for a warm winter look.

Pantone’s 2017 color of the year, happens to be green(greenery). This color will be a major one to watch. Especially during the upcoming fashion weeks taking place this month. Green is also a color that represents wealth, growth, and prosperity. Things I look forward to receiving this year.

I paired the look with an amazing infinity scarf from Urban Maasai that I’ve been rocking all winter long. An incredible style seeker finds from a pop-up shop called Zuvaa that I visited last fall. The UM collection is amazing, putting a modern twist to traditional African prints and styles.

This scarf is probably one of the best purchases I have EVER made. I can wear it maybe 5 or 6 different ways, which is awesome when one is using it as an accessory or the main attraction for an outfit. In some of the shots, you will see that it does have a lining that is pretty sophisticated, making it reversible and easy to use on a warmer winter day. Ironic. Warm winter, but we’ve had a couple this year!

The winter infinity is for the style seeker who is looking for a fun winter piece that is untraditional and will never go out of style. The piece is diverse and is the perfect accessory to wear with a long wool coat in colors like camel or even red, or as a statement piece that can easily be worn as a shawl for an indoor event.


So fellow seekers, how would you wear it? Share in the comments below!

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