The Haute Seeker

Minimal + Metal

I don’t believe that winter should limit great style. There are always creative ways to layer, mix and match prints, textures, and colors, even in 20 degree temperatures.

For How to Wear It, I created a cozy, comfortable, and chic all black everything look. Creating a minimal look with maximum glam.

I wore an oversized turtle neck quilted sweater from the GAP. I am not usually a regular, but have always appreciated the quality and consistency of their clothing. I am pretty sure I bought this particular piece from the loungewear section. It is that type of material that you want to casually wear around on a chilly Sunday afternoon. But as all of us style seekers know, fashion is versatile. What might be a lounge piece for one girl, could be a lux piece for another.

If you braving the Chicago cold, it is essential to keep the body covered as much as possible. It’s time to put some real clothes on folks!

In addition to my oversized sweater, I added a classic long A-line skirt. The skirt created a lean silhouette, ultimately giving this all black look a grunge yet feminine combination. I also added a bold metal necklace to the ensemble. A rebellious black and sliver chain statement piece that really popped against the solid look.

The look came together in a really chic way. Because the pieces were very simple and the metal touches of jewelry only stood out, the look became high-end. I could easily see this on the runways of Alexander Wang, Kenzo, and Jil Sanders.


Sweater: Gap, Skirt: Zara, Booties: Crown Vintage, Necklace: Unknown


This is a great look for moving in and around the city this season. Wear a bright coat to really stand out. Great outfit for a casual networking night or daytime holiday pop-up shopping event.

Fellow Style Seekers, how would you wear Minimal + Metal?