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It’s Not Complicated, It’s Complementary 

I learned pretty early that style is all about what works best for ME.

Growing up, I was the tallest girl in my class( even taller than some of the boys), I had big feet, wore glasses, and was a little on the chunky side. As I grew up, I also grew to love fashion and learned how to make clothes work for me. To this day, no one can guess my dress size or shoe size.

Why? Because I have learned to master pieces and clothing so that they are complimentary to me.

To my skin color. My weight. My height. My assets. To me.

Sure, it was complicated at first. It’s was, and kind of still is, hard being comfortable in the skin I am in when the media presents something deemed as better. But once I discovered what styles compliment and work for me, I realized that was really presenting my best to the world.

This HTWITW shows how complementary elements in an outfit can go a long, long way. The orange dress is another one of my amazing vintage finds from Tilly’s in Andersonville. It is a well constructed, high collar, darted dress with an embellished neckline. Gold grommets across the top added a funky, yet simple edge. The hem on the dress was also raised to turn this midi into more of a shift dress. On Michigan Ave, this type of dress could easily retail for $100 or more; depending on brand and material.

Dress: Mr.Simon( Vintage), Pumps: Jessica Simpson, Earrings: H&M, Wallet: T. J Maxx, Ring: Alexis Bittar

When accessorizing, I made sure to bits of blue throughout the piece.For all of you who skipped high school art, the colors in the look are also complementary, blue and orange, which adds an extra edge and appeal to the whole ensemble. I paired the look with my favorite blue pumps, and a statement ring and earrings to complete the look.


I wore this dress to an industry event and the feedback was tremendous. This outfit is ideal summer socials and weekend work soirees. It is not too revealing, making it both appropriate and alluring.

I won’t even front. I slayed in this dress. #RatedHaute


But really, tell me what you think fellow seekers!

How Would You Wear It?


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