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Mojito Flights, Diverse Nightlife, and More with Sigma Chris

Diverse people toasting at Joy District in Chicago nightlife Sigma Chris

In this week’s Seek Like a Local, the Sigma Chris, a well-known nightlife guru shares his favorite black-owned fashion shops in Chicago, the best North and West Side neighborhoods to explore, and a downtown Cuban restaurant with the most delicious Mojito flights in the city.

Explore Chicago Like Sigma Chris

Sigma Chris // Image via Facebook

Boasting over 12 years of branded entertainment marketing experience, Sigma Chris has been the leading force in many successful campaigns for brands such as Rémy Martin, Jack Daniels, Jameson, Avion & Martell. Getting his start in 2009 at Illinois State University, Sigma Chris found early success in curating events for ISU’s student population. Motivated by his desire to serve Sigma Chris continues to grow in name and influence. Sigma Chris continues to be a driving force in the Chicago nightlife scene.

His curated events appeal to diverse partygoers who seeking new, fresh, and welcoming entertainment. Check out Sigma Chris’s weekly events and upcoming summer projects by visiting his Instagram page.

What’s your go-to restaurant right now?

Food and Drinks from Havana// Image via Facebook

My favorite restaurant at the moment is Havana. It is a Cuban restaurant located in River North, around the corner from where I host my events (Joy District and Hubbard Inn). The drinks are good, and the food has a very authentic taste. The service has always been good, which is a huge factor in recommending places for me. I love their Steak Sandwich and Mojito flights!

What Chicago fashion brands do you support?

BLAQUE, a Black-Owned business located on 20th and Michigan. I love what the brand stands for and how 25% of the proceeds go to charity. Also, the owner is one of my business partners and a good friend, Bobby Burke.

What Are Some of your favorite Things to Do in Chicago?

My favorite thing to do in the city is exploring. Chicago has so many great bars, rooftops, and venues that it’s beneficial and fun to potentially check out different places to bring one of my events. The area I love checking out now is around the Gold Coast and Wicker Park. I often find clothing boutiques that I’ve never visited, along with new restaurants. Exploring the city has contributed to my success in the events industry. It helps me provide unique experiences to our customers, so definitely take a walk around the wicker park area when you get some free time!

What Community Organizations do you support?

500+ Volunteers for UCAN Chicago// Image via Facebook

UCAN is an organization that does work with youth that has experienced trauma. They have everything from housing programs to schools. They are underfunded, and I would love to see the workers there receive adequate wages for the demanding work.

What artist are you streaming on replay right now?

My favorite artist currently is Giveon, followed by West Side Boogie. Both have amazing projects on Apple music that I’d recommend.

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