The Haute Seeker

Bronzed in Browns

I’ve been told,”brown girls don’t wear brown”.

I am not sure, but am fairly certain, that the main reason was that the fashion and beauty industries only offered one, generic, shade of brown to women of various shades, making the color undesirable and ultimately unflattering.

So for years, I’ve done what I have been told and avoided wearing anything brown, until now. I have recently discovered the beauty in finding the right browns; that there are shades that work and flatter me.

Finding the right brown is not always easy. Lucky, their are so many shades, undertones, gradients, and hues, the choices are endless. Like myself, any brown babe can find a tone that works for her, its all about experimenting.

For this How to Wear It Wednesday, I bronzed myself in numerous shades of browns. I created a monochromatic look with layers of color and silhouette.


Cape: H&M, Midi Dress: ASOS, Shirt: Uniqlo, Shoes: Steve Madden

I wore my body hugging midi dress, with reddish undertones over a lighter orangish-brown quarter length shirt. I added another layer to this look, by draping my favorite camel colored cape, over my shoulders, letting it hang just enough to expose the back to back browns underneath. I finished the look off with some buff ankle boots and vintage jewels made up of burnt embers, chestnuts, and chocolates.



I wanted to show the versatility in the look by snapping a photo with the cape off. This shows off the fit of the dress and the accessories as well.  Discovering the browns that worked best for me, through this look, was a huge success!

Bronzed in Browns is a great look and can been worn for many occasions this fall. Wear this look out on a casual date to the observatory or to a casual dinner with your three closest friends.

To my fellow art seekers who are curious about the piece I am posing in front of. It is the work of American artist, Charles Biederman. Its an abstract painting made up of bold lines and volume. It almost jumps off of the canvas, which makes it that much more profound.


Fellow style seekers,

How would you wear this look?