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Bold Statement Tees that Talk the Talk

We, the people, have a lot to say.

Whether the message is proclaimed through social media or face to face, the time to speak is here and now. This year, affirmations and proclamations of values, liberties, justice, and community, will be summarized by the statement tee (hoodies and tanks too). Bold visuals have transitioned to simple phrases propelling a fashion trend that everyone can adapt to.

Tee shirts are creating statements in a diverse way. Tees pay homage to social justice purveyors of the past while encouraging others to be bold leaders of the present. Tees will strongly represent overlooked communities and cause truthful and transparent conversations to commence. While independent efforts of creativity will continue to grow in the t-shirt community, brand name apparel will continue to reign supreme as collaborations with sportswear brands and influencers, continue to increase.

HTWIT: Pair a statement tee with a bright coat to wear the look now. Wear it with classic khaki trousers and for an untraditional take on traditional workwear. See below for a full list of statement tees from local brands and shops in the Chicago area. This year, say it with your chest, without ever saying a word.




Saint Studios, Malcolm X Tee, $45, available at Only Saints.

Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 9.24.34 PM.png








Hebru Brantley, Buy Art, $60 available at Hebru Brand.














Wild Fang, Wild Feminist Tee $40, available at Wildfang.





Fat Tiger Workshop, Chicago Girls, $30, available at Fat Tiger Workshop.








Leaders 1354, Lead Back Tee, $30, available at Leaders.





Adidas Originals, Boyfriend Trefoil Tee, $50, available at Adidas.

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