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A Tulle’s Tale

Jean Paul Gaultier floral dress

There is nothing more amazing than finding that one perfect dress. Here are my reasons:

  1. It flatters( meaning your best features are highlighted and loved)
  2. It fits( you feel you best in it, not too tight or too loose)
  3. Its fairly, inexpensive( right on the money, honey!)

Now, let me tell you the tale of how I found this haute dress.

It was a mild day in December, unusually warm for this time of the year, when I walked into the majestic of all majestic discount stores, Nordstrom’s Rack.

I was seeking out a stylish, yet fun dress to wear for upcoming holiday parties I planned on attending. I wasn’t having much luck. I was coming across every “toad”-like thing possible in the store.


I spotted IT! On the designer rack of the store, the colorful tulle dress in my size, on sale! I snatched it up as quick as I could. Ran to the dressing room, and was stunned at how well it fit. It really exceeded my expectations.

So, lets talk about this dress.

First, its a  Jean Paul Gaultier. Gaultier is an eclectic, French, fashion designer who brings quality and quirkiness into all of his designs. The dress embodies that exact school of thought, but in a slightly conservative sense.20151219_131937

It is screen-printed, tulle dress with an asymmetrical bottom, long sleeves and a turtle neck collar. You would think this piece would be slightly see through, however that was not the case. But, since it was cold I did cover up my legs with some thigh high hosiery and sleek black boots to keep this look artsy, sexy, and fun.

This HTWITW look is a hit for any winter “day party” in Bronzeville or Sunday brunch with friends in the Gold Coast. I added a little bit more regality to the look with an all pearl combination of earrings, necklace, and bangles.  The look can be a little more casual, for a chill night out in Logan Square, if it is layered with leggings, combat boots, and an oversized bomber jacket for a hip “whatever” type of look.

Dress: Jean Paul Gaultier Boots: Nine West Thigh High Tights: Hue Necklace: Icing Bangles: H&M

This is my tale of the tulle dress.

Now fellow seekers, share you thoughts!

How would your wear it?

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