Greetings from Chicago

My first blog post. Finally!

For the last two years I have lived and worked in the city of Chicago. I came to the city a month after graduating from college with my beloved jeep liberty, boxes of shoes, a couple hundred in savings, and a whole lot of faith.

My first apartment being on 71st and South Shore Drive. Many people question why I lived on the South Side of Chicago. Well, it was cheap, welcoming, and full of black people. And, because I am black, I felt more than comfortable there. In comparison to where I live now, on the North Side of town. Granted, my current neighborhood of Rogers Park, is no reflection on the serious issue of socio-economic disparity that plagues this city. It is diverse, beautiful, and comforting.

I have grown to love Chicago, even with its political bs, gun violence, and extreme weather temperatures. The city is absolutely gorgeous. A city that has seen its ups and downs time and time again, but has pushed through them to bear and produce people of great stature. She is a place of architectural beauty, of musical genius, of religious peace and harmonies.

Moving to Chicago, I have to admit, I was scared. I hated being here for the first couple of months. Simply because I was out of my element. I did not know anyone. Did not know where I was going half of the time. Oh, and mostly I hated the local drivers! But slowly and surely I met some pretty amazing people who have made me feel like I belong here. I can give a tour to any visitor. Oh, and I am now one of those crazy local drivers.

I have finally decided to share my experiences in Chicago with the world because everyone should know how amazing this city is. They should know that what they see through the media is not fair and accurate picture of this city.

I have been seeking Chicago for over a year now. Meeting people who have grown up in neighborhoods from Englewood to Ravenswood, eating at restaurants from Humboldt Park to the West Loop, and venturing into the art scene from Hyde Park to Pilsen.

I am excited to get this blog rolling and cannot wait to share what I have been seeking with you!

And I hope you will too!

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