Weekend Seekers Guide: August 17th-20th

This weekend, we unite as one city and one nation. Explore the craftsmanship from handmade artisanal goods to high-end jewels.  Experience authenticity from both black and brown food cultures. Smash White Supremacy and build up artists comradery. Be active in the community of Chicago this weekend in some form or fashion. See the full seekers guide…


Weekend Seekers Guide: July 27th-30th

Is it me or did July never even happen? This month has gone by incredibly quickly and is a close reminder that 'Summer Time Chi' is quickly coming to an end. With a weekend full of late summer festivals, there is no excuse not to be out and about this weekend. Enjoy a weekend of…

Learning Curve: Accelerating the Rise of the Alex Carter Brand

A Behind the Seams interview with fashion designer Chelsey Carter and how she is accelerating her continuously rising outerwear brand.