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White Boots


The Look

Wearing white in the middle of winter can be risky and a little challenging to some while others find that challenge all but a worthy closet adversary. This is especially true for those who embraced the white boot trend, one of the season’s most popular footwear trends.

When I think of white boots and its place in fashion history, my mind quickly takes me to the 1970’s, an era full of white boots, mini skirts, metallic shades, and other fabulous things that were way too good to leave behind in that decade. I imagine, that when the trend first came on the scene, that wearing white after Labor Day was still something that you dare not do. But for the rebellious, fashion-forward dresser white boots are season-less, now as they were back then.

Where I Found It

I had been dreaming of a pair of white boots for a while now. I’ve been obsessed since I saw the Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue Elaine Welteroth wear her favorite pair with almost everything she owns. I searched high and low( mostly because I can never find what I like in my size) for a style that I loved. After searching for a while, I came across a pair from Steve Madden, one of my favorite go-to shoe brands (because they always have my size) at Macy’s. Since this is a trend and pricing always goes down on more trendy items, I waited until just the right time to buy the boots. Lucky for me, I scored them during friends and family, and I had a gift card. I spent $30 on these babies and didn’t have to pay any shipping. Steal! Steal! Steal!

How To Wear It

The best way to wear white boots is with contrasting colors. The most obvious being black.  I rocked the shoes with an all-black look that included a black button down and black leggings with a leather side panel from Zara. Along with a red, black, and white African style necklace from Enza Accessories and tassel cage earrings from Hechizo. This look was perfect for my Sunday Funday at the Museum of Science and Industry. Other great ways to wear this look is with an oversized graphic hoodie, distressed jeans, and novelty socks perfect for a night out in the West Loop or a mini skirt and frilly blouse for an ultra-feminine twist for a date night in Hyde Park.

white boots_htwit_dec17

white boots_htwit_dec17

white boots_htwit_dec17

white boots_htwit_dec17

What do you think about wearing white boots in the winter? How would you rock this footwear trend? Be sure to share your thoughts below!

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