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The Radical Way to Wear White in the Winter

The Look

Wearing white in the winter can be a little bit radical. Historically, wearing white after Labor Day was taboo. Now, it’s acceptable. Fashion is continuously becoming less restricted. Street and everyday style are as influential if not more than what is shown on the runway.

Maybe it’s just me, but there is something so original about pulling off a white outfit on a winter day. White, as a color is perceived as pure, bright. Now, imagine someone rocking a clean all-white look in the grimy, dreary, streets of the Chicago? Probably too radical right? Not for me! That is why for this How to Wear It, I styled an all-white outfit that is perfect to wear this winter.

To pull off this look, I made sure that the pieces I had were the right white pieces. I thought about items that I could layer and that was slightly interesting. The key to wearing a white outfit in the winter is to combine various shades like pairing eggshell, with an off-white for instance. It also helps to add a bit of texture and a tad bit of color as well.

How To Wear It

For this look, I was inspired by a vintage t-shirt that my Uncle gave me. The history of graphic tees is something that is all too important in our culture. As I shared in a trend report, t-shirts allow us to express ourselves without any verbal communication.

The same is expressed through the faded, t-shirt depicting the poster that advertised the Revolutionary Intercommunal Day of Solidarity for Bobby Seale, Ericka Huggins, Angela Davis, Ruchell Magee, one of many Black Panther Party community events. As depicted on the t-shirt, the benefit took place in 1971 in Oakland and was a rally of the Black Panther party with speakers and with music by The Grateful Dead.

What a dope piece to have as part of my radical all-white winter look. I paired the t-shirt with white jeans from Joe’s Jeans. I layered the shirt with a cream-colored hoodie by Rachel Zo and a faux fur beige jacket from Zara. To top off the look, I wore red knee-high boots from I.N.C from Macy’s and a red quilted fanny pack from Steve Madden. For the accessories, I wore gold hoops from Nordstrom and a gold chain necklace.

Want to wear this radical all-white look to the office? Swap the faux jacket for a white blazer and wide-legged slacks. Keep the shoes and adjust slightly to switch up the accessories for a long, tiered gold necklace. Make a statement as you keep the rebellious look while changing it slightly to the 9 to 5 atmosphere. After all, some of the best rebels are corporate too.

girl smiling with one hand in pocket-wearing white jeans vintage t-shirt and red boots and fanny pack-the haute seeker
Image | Victoria Gamlen Photography
girl looking at camera-holding on to strap of purse-the haute seeker
girl looking to the side-wearing red fanny pack on chest-a faux fur jacket and hoodie-the haute seeker
girl with hood on her head-standing in red boots and a white outfit-the haute seeker
girl walking away- looking back at camera-wearing a white outfit-the haute seeker
girl-headshot of face-wearing red lipstick-staring directly at the camera-the haute seeker

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