Top 5 Fashion Trends from the Fall 2018 Runway

Fashion Week is in full swing, but, before you get too caught up in the floral, fluff, and pastel-colored collections of Spring 2019, get an idea of some of the big fall trends you will be wearing for the next eight to nine months ( I am talking to you Chicago).

As much as I love fashion, I have often found it unrealistic, especially when it comes to fall collections. Then again, fashion is an art form interpreted by the wearer and the designer. However, as generations continue to demand more authenticity in their shopping experiences, this idea will continue to manifest itself in different ways within the fashion industry.  Design houses get that. Which is apparent throughout the Fall 2018 collections as clothing, even from the most abstract fashion designers, becomes more wearable.

Many of the pieces that graced the runway are reflective of what people need in this season which is warmth, armor, boldness, color, and even nostalgia. Whose to say that these collections are not only about shielding oneself from cooler climates but to symbolically cover one’s body, head to toe, from political strife and media driven-turmoil. It’s a thought that is to be still determined.

Check out my Top 5 Fashion Trends from the Fall 2018 runway. 

Life in Layers (L.I.L)

L.I.L is one of my favorite trends this season because it is the one trend that will also be relevant to those of us who are cold climate dwellers. For us, it’s not a trend; it’s a lifestyle. It is not often that you see layers as something very fashionable. Generally, you wear your most basic black nylon-polyblend-feather-down coat and clunky snow boots. This trend is about layering from the innermost layer to the outermost shell, in the most stylish way possible. And I am entirely here for it!

The key to mastering this trend is to consider each layer as a separate outfit. From the coat to the undergarments, each layer is essential. Because eventually, you will be removing them. As seen in collections from Jil Sander to Calvin Klein, coats are the real conversation starter. The trend is not limited to just about clothing but accessories as well. Gucci shows this by adding a tiered necklace, brooch, and scarves on top of a multicolored cardigan. The first and easiest way to embraces the L.I.L trend is to be bolder in your coat choice. Go long, loud, and luscious this fall season. Jil Sander-W18

Jil Sander, Fall 2018

Calvin Klein 205w39nyc_aw18
Calvin Klein, Fall 2018
Giorgio Armani_AW18
Giorgio Armani, Fall 2018.
Gucci, Fall 2018
Maison Margiela-fw-18
Maison Margiela, Fall 2018.


Prairie School

The Prairie School trend is an ode to craftsmanship and quality. Something that in the age of fast-everything, is within itself a luxury. This trend is minimalistic, durable, and resourceful.  The Prairie School trend is one of my favorite trends of the seasons because it is timeless. Any designer piece that falls into this trend is one that you can wear over and over again, without looking dated.

Designers at Missoni embrace the idea of the Prairie School trend through its signature knitwear and patchwork outerwear which shows the brands heritage. A needlework technique that is often used to piece together archived fabrics into larger and more lavish pieces of clothing. While Zimmerman gives a 19th-century silhouette a much more modern twist through tucked blouses, soft leathers, and a full maxi length tulle skirt.

J Mendel, Fall 2018.
Missoni, Fall 2018.
Zimmermann, Fall 2018.
Stella McCartney, Fall 2018.


Plaid Play

Plaids have their run of the fall 2018 runway. The pattern is something you see almost every fall and winter season. It’s textile that screams, “it’s fall ya’ll.” However, this season seemed to bring about a variety of plaids suited to meet the needs of a multitude of fashion-forward consumers. A small testament is showing the fashion industry’s movement towards inclusivity.

Designers like Stella Jean mixed her trademark multicultural aesthetic with the classic plaid suiting trouser while Versace turned tartan on its head with dazzling arrays of blue and yellow hues as well as leather patching, and bright gold detailing.  It’s like punk rock meets Clueless.

Iris Afren, Fall 2018.
Stella Jean, Fal 2018.
R-13, Fall 2018.
Versace, Fall 2018.
Fendi, Fall 2018.

All About the 80’s

2018 collections have been steadily riding the late 1980’s-1990’s wave. Not only in fashion but in popular culture as well. There has been a continuous demand to reboot, remake, and even re-do classic movies, tv shows, and of course, fashion trends.  Spring 2018 brought out neon brights, dark denim, and geometric accessories. Fall 2018 collections borrow some of these same ideas.

Design houses such as Balenciaga continue to embrace the 80’s with boxy suit jackets that create illusion waistlines. Bright colors remain true throughout the Fall 2018 season. Red still dominates the runway, as we see in Adam Selman’s collection, a piece that is similar to what I have determined is Eddie Murphy’s look from his standup comedy Delirious. However subdued colors are present with designers implementing softer jewel tones throughout their collections. As with any great 80’s silhouette, there is plenty of draping and quilting textures, plus the accessories trend of small bags that include pieces such as the fancy fanny pack(they call them “waist bags” as far as I am concerned they will forever be fanny packs).

Balenciaga, Fall 2018.
Adam Selman, Fall 2018.
Dries Van Noten, Fall 2018.
Marc Jacobs-fw-18
Marc Jacobs, Fall 2018.
Marni, Fall 2018.

Matriarch Metallics

This season, the metallics of yester-years, associated only with formal wear and special occasions continues to step away from its traditional place in the fashion industry. The new matriarch of metallics comes in the form of casual pants sets, maxi skirts, and painted leathers. A new wave to the idea of  “formal” as the lines of street and runway continue to blend.

In collections like Erdem and Chanel, the silver and gold metallics become much more than holiday go-to items. Erdem shows us that a silver sequined skirt can quickly transform into a wear-to-work look by pairing a full button up and flat shoes. While design houses like Chanel show us how brushed gold worn formally and informally. This season, dominate and delight in everything that sparkles and shines. erdem-fall-18

Erdem, Fall 2018.

Milly, Fall 2018.
Chanel, Fall 2018.
Louis Vuitton, Fall 2018.
Prabal Gurung, Fall 2018.


What trend are you most excited to this season? Share your favorite Fall trends in the comments!




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