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Plaid Play


The Look

One of the most significant trends this fall is plaid. A favorite pattern that usually peaks this time of year. This season was a bit different, as plaid was showcased on the runway in every which from boots to two piece suites, in miniskirts and even shirts. The most popular of these styles being the classic yet the refreshing use of plaids used in suiting materials. Inspired by the runway and street style, I decided to play my hand at the plaid trend.

Girl-Leather jacket-Blue-Plaid Pants-Boots

How To Wear It

For this How To Wear It, I decided to pull together the goodies in my closet to create this look. Lucky for me, I already had a pair of plaid pants, a wide print from Express. I paired it with a mustard colored, sleeveless, turtleneck sweater from T.J Maxx. I layered the top with my favorite black leather jacket from All Saints along with a pair of platform combat boots from Guess. For jewelry, I kept it simple with silver pieces from my vintage store finds.

While my plaid look came together as an ode to a rebellious—somewhat 60’s type of casual vibe, this plaid pattern can be dressed up for a more formal look as well. To create an outfit that is perfect for an after work first date at an expensive restaurant downtown, swap out the boots for a pair of brightly colored pumps. Switch out the turtleneck for a gathered tie-neck or billowy white blouse. Keep the jacket and silver jewelry. They are both great pieces that can easily transition from outfit to outfit.




What are your thoughts on Plaid Play? Be sure to share your comments about the look below!


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