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Mix It Up: How to Wear Leopard and Camo Together


The Look

Here is something about me that you may not know. I am a little trendy and a lot of thrifty. When I was younger, both my godmother and my cousin would take me to thrift shops—mostly the Salvation Army and Goodwill, but in the good neighborhoods. You know, suburban stores that received the best designer goods and housewares you could ask for. I was also the little girl who was obsessed with my mother and great-aunts gems and jewels. I learned early this idea of mixing different pieces and patterns; styling high-end and low-end together which is exactly what I did with this look. A mix of fast-fashion cozy meets chic, quality, leopard woven outerwear; plus a little camouflage streetwear, just for good measure.

fashion-leopard-camo-mix-together-Taylor Justin

When Leopard Meets Camo

The leopard meets camo look takes inspiration from classic patterns that we all have in some shape or form in our closets, leopard print, and camo. Patterns, that are worn by man and by nature for various purposes. Kind of ironic right? Wearing a pattern that blends in with nature but in the case of fashion, manages to stand completely out. Crazy to think about! So how do you wear it?

fashion-leopard-camo-mix-together-The Haute Seeker

How To Wear It

Rock these patterns with ease by pairing a solid color of your choice alone. A neutral color like black, white, or brown will help to create a balance between the busy prints. For this look, I stuck with a tone that brings both colors together, beige. The beige knit turtleneck sweater from H&M plus the natural colored shoes from Nike helps to create a balance when the two pieces are paired together. The outfit looks less busy and more in sync. The leopard coat was an incredible find from the shopping session at Randolph Street Market and the camo pants from Amazon.

Of course, there are many different ways in which these pieces can mix and match(and probably featured on this blog again) in different ways. To elevate the leopard meets camo look for a date night or girls night out, swap out the sneakers for a strappy pair of heels and a smaller handbag. Exchange the oversized sweater for one that is more form-fitting and shows a little more curve. This look is all about the pieces of clothing so opt for jewelry that is simple yet still eye-catching.

chicago-background-fashion-leopard-camo-mix-together-Taylor Justin
fashion-leopard-camo-mix-together-The Haute Seeker

This was one of my favorite looks to date! And, I cannot wait to wear these pieces again this season! if you like this look, you will love the bright multicolored dress that is sure to refresh your spring wardrobe.

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