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The Perfect Summer No-Nonsense Navy Dress


On a random shopping trip to T.J. Maxx, I decided to buy a little navy dress impulsively. It immediately stuck out to me on the rack; without hesitation and without trying it on I bought it. As soon as I brought it home, I stuck it in the back of my closet, never to be worn in public until almost a year later. I have tried the dress on multiple occasions but have felt an immense amount of buyers remorse each time. I couldn’t figure out why until I wrote this How To Wear It post.

The Look

I decided that the University of Chicago was the best place to wear the dress for the first time. An elite university campus filled with ivy-laden buildings seemed to be the perfect backdrop to the simple, baby-doll silhouette, navy dress by Monteau. I paired the dress with my favorite laser cut, red sandals from Aldo and a reversible vintage bag that I found at Tilly’s in Andersonville.


Now, this look and seemingly perfect photos did not manifest out of thin air. As I was prepping this look, immense feelings of insecurity and doubt started to fill my mind. I thought to myself, ‘where else are you going to wear this? This look does not flatter you!’ I had to question myself as to why I felt this way. To me, a dress is the most straightforward piece of clothing that should instantly make you feel beautiful, why was this dress not making me feel that way? I realized the dress was revealing parts of my body that I tend to hide. I am not afraid to show skin, but I do it in a way that makes me comfortable. In this dress, I show more leg and more arm than what is in my generally comfortable zone.

After putting the entire look together, that I had no reason to be uncomfortable. For me to rock this dress the way I should, I had to be confident and forget about the noise in my head. Doubt does not look; this is a no-nonsense dress.


How To Wear It

This navy dress is a great go-to when you are looking for an easy dress for a casual to a semi-formal event. One style option is to wear the dress with a bright or nude sandal, like the pair that I am wearing in the photos. Make sure to add your favorite accessories to the look as well to tie it all together. A second style option is to layer the look and transition it into your fall wardrobe by making it a tunic. I know. I know! No one wants to think about the fall season, but the reality is, August is right around that corner which means fall fashion is not far from behind it. Wear it with your favorite pair of white leggings or a pair of flared jeans. Add a scarf or a wide belt to create a more defined waistline. Throw on an extra layer by adding a longer jacket that is long enough to go past the waist, but light enough that you do not overheat.

Above all, wear the look with confidence. As I mentioned earlier, I felt super self-conscious in this look. After I put the entire look together, I quickly got over that feeling and realized how beautiful I looked. If you ever have any doubt in what you are wearing, remember why you are wearing it, and what drew you to the piece from the beginning. Be sure to adorn yourself with your best accessories, rock your favorite shoes, and show others, and most importantly yourself, that you take no-nonsense with whatever you are wearing.



Do you have a dress or favorite look that is No-Nonsense like this navy dress? Share your thoughts with me below!

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