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Five Different Ways to Wear One Jumpsuit From Summer to Fall

For me, the toughest things to give up during the summer(besides the weather) are the amazing clothes! Luckily, some summer pieces can transition into the next season, which makes it that much easier to keep wearing the clothes you love that much longer.

The Jumpsuit

This summer, one of my end-of-the-season finds was a jumpsuit I found at my second home(Nordstrom Rack). It is made by Bobeau the same brand featured in the July edition of HTWITW. I absolutely love this jumpsuit! It’s cut just right to flatter and fit my body, which made it an easy, all-purpose, go-to outfit for summer outings.

Since I am so obsessed with the jumpsuit, I wanted to see how I could transition it into the fall. Can you wear it with a jacket? Or add additional layers? I came up with five uniquely dope outfits using just this one striped jumpsuit.

Look One: Art School Cool

The first look I dub “your favorite, cool, art teacher” look.  I layered the top half of the jumpsuit with a long, smock like white button-up from Zara. The white shirt on top of dark striped pants adds a nice contrast. I wanted to keep the color-wave going, so I added a zipper necklace from Marc Jacobs and oversized earrings to keep the look colorful. I decided that since this look was still early fall, I could still rock the sandals, so I wore my go-to comfort Dr. Scholl’s wedges.

Art School Cool Jumpsuit Look 1 by The Haute Seeker
Art School Cool Jumpsuit Look 1 by The Haute Seeker_2
Art School Cool Jumpsuit Look 1 by The Haute Seeker_3

Look Two: Office Ready

For the second look, I wanted to elevate the jumpsuit from casual to career. The best way to do this is to add a jacket. For this easy office wardrobe idea, I added a black blazer from H&M, a belt to emphasize the waist, a black MCM bolero bag as well as heels by Sam Edelman and a Fendi scarf to taper my hair. I also simplified my jewelry for this look. My biggest piece of advice on this look is to watch the neckline! The jumpsuit I am wearing covers but gives way to a lot of cleavage. You can definitely still wear it, I would just advice placing a camisole of some sort underneath it just to make sure you—and your girls are fully covered.

Office Ready  Jumpsuit Look 2 by The Haute Seeker
Office Ready  Jumpsuit Look 2 by The Haute Seeker_2

Look Three: Street Slay

For the third look, I wanted to create a street style, Hypebeast, Complex, I-D Magazine ready look. My first layer was a white fishnet knit shirt from Express. I layered it with the Bobeau jumpsuit and added some fly girl silver accessories from various stores. Of course, I had to add sneakers to this look, so I went with the classic shell-toe Adidas and some striped socks just to be extra.

Office Ready  Jumpsuit Look 3 by The Haute Seeker
Office Ready  Jumpsuit Look 3 by The Haute Seeker_2
Office Ready  Jumpsuit Look 3  by The Haute Seeker_3

Look Four: Comfy Classy

For the fourth look, I wanted to create something that when you saw the photos, that it just makes you want to reach out and touch the material. A look so comfortable and so effortless to put together. I paired it with my favorite slouchy sweater from Zara with the jumpsuit. To make the look a little more semi-glamorous, I added some chunky gray Marc Jacobs heels and accessorized the look with a chunky vintage necklace and fringe earrings from Hechizo, topping the look off with an oversized vintage clutch.

Office Ready  Jumpsuit Look 4 by The Haute Seeker
Office Ready  Jumpsuit Look 4 by The Haute Seeker_2

Look Five: Leather, Knits, Boots, Oh My!

The fifth look is the most fully fall functioning look. Leather, high collar, boots. The works. For this look, I created a sleeveless knitted t-shirt from a turtle shawl that I received as a gift last Christmas. I then used a belt to wrap the piece completely around my body. I placed the sweater piece over the jumpsuit as the second layer, then added my favorite All Saints leather jacket as a third layer. No fall time look is complete without boots, so I opted for my heeled combat boots by Guess. I accessorized the look with all the pearls I own in my jewelry box. This outfit ended being a mix of rock star and royalty because of the pearls. A look that can definitely be an ode to British fashion. My hair takes it to a whole other epic level, giving it a Black Panther-ish vibe as well.

Office Ready  Jumpsuit Look 5 by The Haute Seeker
Office Ready  Jumpsuit Look 4 by The Haute Seeker_2
Office Ready  Jumpsuit Look  by The Haute Seeker_3

This HTWITW was so much fun to style and shoot. It’s awesome to see how many ways I shift one stylish piece into several different looks that can be worn past its season. Share your thoughts with me! How would you wear this

What ways would you wear this striped jumpsuit into the fall season? Share in the comments below!

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