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3 Effortless Work from Home Outfits and How to Wear Them this Week

For most of us, working from home is now considered the “new normal.” Sweatpants and T-shirts have now replaced our slacks and buttons ups. Comfort is key when you work from home.

Three Effortless Work From Home Outfits

While wearing hoodies and joggers during your a.m. meeting may be the new wave, there are still plenty of other comfortable options, should you decide to switch up your work from a home outfit for something a little bit more office-friendly. If you need inspiration for effortless work from home outfits. Look no further than these three looks. From comfy wide-leg work pants to fringe t-shirt tops, here are 3 work from home outfits to wear this week.

OUTFIT #1: The Abstract Leopard Print Top and Comfy Wide Leg Pants

Leopard print and high waisted pants! Need I say more? This effortless work from home outfit is very reminiscent of the office days, If you are over your go-to couch outfit and are ready to embrace a look pleasing from the waist down, then this stylish work from home attire is for you.

The abstract leopard print blouse is a little more refined in this form, especially when paired with a chic set of high-waisted pants. These pants will not only conform to your curves but are incredibly comfortable. If you really want to wear shoes or have to make a run between Zoom calls, slip on a pair of slides or loafers to keep things chic and easy.

OUTFIT #2: Denim halter wrap dress 

The denim wrap dress has its obvious benefit: it requires absolutely zero effort to put on. You won’t have to worry about slipping it over your head or your hips, as this wrap dress effortlessly drapes over your shoulders and ties at your waist for easy access when you are ready to slip it on and when you are promptly prepared to take it off.

Not only that, but this simple Ralph Lauren denim dress is incredibly comfortable—a plus when you are working eight straight hours a day from your home office. This wrap denim halter top dress is there for you throughout your long workday from the kitchen table to your couch. Pair this look with a colorful camisole for a little conservativeness and a simple pair of earrings for extra style.

Work from home outfit ralph Lauren denim wrap dress as seen on The Haute Seeker
Close up of denim Ralph Lauren wrap dress as seen on The Haute Seeker in work from home outfit

OUTFIT #3: Washed Denim top with fringe details and orange flared pants

This work from home outfit embodies all of the aspects of both comfort and cool. If you are rolling out of bed for your 9 a.m. meeting and have little time to get dressed for a big presentation with senior leadership, this funky work from the home outfit is easy to throw together in a matter of minutes—seconds if you are really in a tight squeeze!

I paired an affordable $5 t-shirt with fringe sleeve details from Gabe’s with my favorite pair of Free People pants from Nordstrom Rack for this effortless look. To keep things festive from the waist up, I added a bold pair of orange earrings that complimented the look and really pulled the pieces together, from head to toe.

Not only is this effortless outfit great for working at home, but it is also a fashionable piece to wear on your next date night.

Black girl working from home office in Work from Home outfit inspiration blue T-shirt with fringe sleeves and orange floral pants as seen on The Haute Seeker
Work from Home outfit inspiration blue T-shirt with fringe sleeves and orange floral pants as seen on The Haute Seeker

Working from home just got a little bit easier with these three effortless outfit ideas. Tell me about your favorite work from home outfit of ideas and if you would try any of these looks in the comment section!

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