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4 Tips for Making Fashion More Sustainable

4 Tips for Making Fashion More Sustainable

Fashion is fun and all about expressing yourself. The problem is that the industry isn’t always environmentally friendly. Some brands create tons of waste that pollute our communities. By constantly purchasing new items instead of shopping sustainably, consumers add to this harmful cycle. Check out these amazing tips for making fashion more sustainable that you can use to shop for new clothes or assess your wardrobe.

Buy the Right Items

When buying clothing and jewelry, take time to evaluate each item for sustainability. Some fabrics and brands aren’t environmentally friendly, and the same goes for jewelry. Just look at diamonds: working conditions for miners aren’t always safe, and mining itself harms the environment. By purchasing lab-made diamondsyou can minimize your environmental impact. Lab-made gems look as good as natural diamonds but are more environmentally conscious.

Pro Tip

Consider shopping for clothes at thrift stores so you can give old clothing new life. You can add to your wardrobe without contributing to production demand by thrift shopping.

Become a Minimalist

Take some time to go through your closet and decide what clothes you need and don’t need. Try to keep items that you can style in various ways.

For example, you can pair a neutral-colored blouse with a blazer and dress pants for work and with a cute skirt for a night out. As you go through items, remember to donate what you no longer need so someone else can create new looks.

Evaluate Brands Before Buying

Another tip for making fashion more sustainable is to research brands before purchasing. While some retailers sell fashionable clothes, those brands are not always environmentally conscious and add to the cycle of polluting the environment.

Do some digging on your favorite brands, and when you hit the shops, check out the labels. Many people recommend purchasing organic cotton since it isn’t harmful to the environment.

Repurpose Old Clothing

One of the best ways to make your fashion more sustainable is by wearing what you already have. Sift through your dresser and see if you have any pieces that you like but could be better. Altering clothing is like getting a new item for your wardrobe without buying something new, and it gives you the opportunity to add some personalization.

Shop for Quality

Some brands sell the cutest clothing, but the fabrics are practically transparent. Not only is this a waste of money—the outfit will wear out quicker—but it’s also going to end up in a landfill sooner. Shop for a few high-quality items rather than buy many low-quality outfits in bulk. These will last you a lot longer, which means you can mix and match more outfits.

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