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Cold Brews, Greasy Spoons, and Local Museum Meander with Amanda Harth

In our first volume of Seek Like a Local, we get the ultimate guide to Chicago from Amanda Harth, Creative Liaison, designer, and entrepreneur. The self-proclaimed “museum rat” is an expert on things to do locally in Chicago. In this feature of Seek Like a Local, she shares why the Museum of Science and Industry is her favorite museum in the city, where to find the most delicious Mexican and American fusion food, and the best place to discover new and emerging artists within the community.

Explore Chicago Like Amanda Harth

Amanda Harth Local Chicago Creative featured on The Haute Seeker

Amanda Christine Harth is a Creative Liaison, designer, and entrepreneur based in Chicago. She has a background in fashion design and recently rebranded her business, Clothing Humans Company, as a modern resource and platform for designers and consumers alike to connect on fashion culture and buy products. She also co-owns Monday Coffee Company launched in October 2020 with her best friend, Felton Kizer. Through all business endeavors, community and connection are at the forefront of the work Amanda produces.

Where Are Your Favorite Places to Dine?

I love anything greasy and fattening like most Chicago girls! My favorite places to go are usually mom-and-pop places around Chicago. Americano’s, it’s like Mexican and American style fusion. I love everything I’ve ever tried from their menu. My other favorite place is Marvillas Restaurant, a taco spot in Hyde Park. They’re cash only and don’t even have a website—so you know it’s good! Another great product is Monday Coffee Co. They have amazing Cold Brew that I drink all year round.

Tacos from Americao's Chicago Local Chicago Food featured on The Haute Seeker
Tacos from Americano’s // Image via Facebook

What Are Some of your favorite Things to Do?

I’m a museum rat! Anything related to Art and History Chicago has plenty to show in and outside of the museum space. The Art Institute and The Museum of Science & Industry are massive so that you can wander in those places for a few hours.

What Community Organizations do you support?

Ciera McKissick of AMFM s always looking out for artists and creatives.

Where Are your favorite Neighborhood Shops?

I love shopping in Hyde Park, Wicker Park, or Pilsen neighbors. What’s your favorite neighborhood or store that always has what you need? If I need new clothes, plants, art, a gift, or home goods, The Shudio on 18th Street in Pilsen is my go-to.

The Shudio Local Chicago Shop in Chicago featured on The Haute Seeker
Inside of The Shudio// Image via Facebook

What Artists Are You Following Right now?

 One of my favorite artists is Lyntuan Jones. A lot of his work is abstract and surreal. I have three of his pieces in my home and love how multi-faceted he is as an artist. He’s a self-taught leather designer too!

To learn more about Amanda Harth and her endeavors, check out the latest collection of her home goods brand At Humans and a coffee company with her best friend, Monday Coffee Company. Buy Black!

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