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Creative Date Night Ideas You Will Actually Love

Creative Date Night Ideas You Will Actually Love

Dating can be hard, whether it’s impressing a crush on a first date or keeping romance alive within your marriage. Coming up with something fun to do can be one of the hard parts of dating, especially since it seems that every date idea has been done before. Here are some creative date night ideas you will actually love that will help you break the mold.

Be a Tourist

You may have lived in Chicago your whole life and think that you’ve seen everything or recently returned and still feel familiar with the area. But neither scenario means you can’t be a tourist. Even if your date is in a similar boat, there’s always something new to explore. Look at the city through the eyes of a tourist and seek out whatever seems interesting—ice skating, a comedy show, a museum, or something else that catches your fancy.

Stay In and Cook

Date nights don’t always have to involve going out somewhere. Staying in and trying a new recipe with a meal kit or making an old favorite together by candlelight are great ways to connect. The date can even start before the actual cooking—try racing each other through the grocery store for the ingredients or a good wine pairing.

Activity Ideas

Dates don’t always have to be fancy affairs. Do something different by getting active at a climbing gym, hiking, or horseback riding together. Or have someone else, such as the masseuses at the black-owned Bettye O Day Spa, get active by pampering you and your date with relaxing massages. Activities like scavenger hunts, crafting, and baking are great date nights.

Make a Difference

Volunteering together isn’t a typical date, but it’s a great way to understand your date’s character and what they’re passionate about. Help at the food pantry or with a clothing drive for Hopeful Living Inc, a black-owned nonprofit. Go shopping for your local animal shelter and then play with the animals together. Serve side-by-side with your favorite soup kitchen. Make this time about giving back, and you’ll get to know your date in the process.

Spice up your date nights by being a tourist, cooking together, getting active, and making a difference. While these are just four creative date night ideas you will actually love, they’re a great place to start planning unique date nights that will help you spark with a new date or keep the spark alive with your spouse.

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