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Best Tips for Growing Flowers on a Balcony

Best Tips for Growing Flowers on a Balcony

Now that Chicago is finally starting to experience warmer weather, you can start thinking about growing some flowers from your apartment balcony. Once you learn how fresh flowers can enhance interior design, you will wonder why you haven’t started growing them sooner.

Not only do flowers improve your apartment’s appearance, but growing them is a relaxing activity that will help you calm down from the stresses of the city. With this in mind, here are the best tips for growing flowers on a balcony.

Don’t Forget To Water Regularly

When you are trying to focus on other aspects of your life, it’s easy to forget small tasks such as watering your flowers. For this reason, you will want to create a schedule or set alarms on your phone to remind yourself to water the flowers once per week.

You should also try to water your flowers in the morning rather than later in the day because the surface temperature of your balcony will be lower in the morning. The soil in your flowerpot will be able to absorb more water when the ground is cooler.

Make Sure Your Flowers Get Enough Sunlight

Although you might think that flowers on a balcony will always get adequate sunlight, sometimes this isn’t the case. If your balcony faces the sun indirectly, you might want to move your flowerpots at different points during the day to maximize their sun exposure. You should be able to do this if you work from home, but if not, you might want to ask a trusted neighbor or friend to stop by and do it for you.

Use Hanging Planters or Window Boxes

Flowerpots are simple to use and inexpensive, but growing flowers on a balcony doesn’t offer you a lot of space. If you want to maximize space on your balcony, you should grow your flowers with a hanging planter or window box. These items will allow you to move around freely on your balcony while still taking in the aroma and scenery that fresh flowers offer you.

Overall, Chicago has many locations where you can see beautiful flowers, such as the Garfield Park Conservatory, so why not grow them yourself? Now that you know some of the best tips for growing flowers on a balcony, you can grow eye-catching foliage whether you live in River North or Wrigleyville!

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