8 At-Home Date Night Ideas You’ll Actually Want to Try

For one reason or another, you and your significant other are stuck at home on a Friday night. Whether you are looking to save money or just don’t feel like going out, it can quickly become second nature to just Netflix and chill at home. While binge-watching with your babe or boo is good and all, there is a lot more you can do on a night in together. Here are a few at-home fun, cheap, and cute date night idea that you’ll actually want to try.

1. Paint and Sip an Artistic Masterpiece

Paint and sips have been very popular for date nights and group gatherings. Bring this same concept into your home by creating your works of art. You and your partner can paint or sketch still life, from everyday objects that you can find around your home. Take the date night experience to the next level with a life drawing course. Model for one another as you create masterpieces for your homes—or for your own personal collections.

2. SURPRISE them with A Meal To Go 

Inspired by a clip that I saw on the hilarious BET+ show “Bigger,” send your significant other a dish from their favorite restaurant. Order dishes from their favorite restaurant(s) and have them delivered contact-free to their home. They will be happy, full, and relieved that you gave them a night off from cooking a homemade meal. Find the best delivery options from local restaurants by checking your favorite delivery-app, through sites like Dining at a Distance, or by visiting the restaurant’s website for the best meal to-go options available.

3. Curate a Memorable playlist 

Like the mix-tapes of the ’80s or CDs of the ’90s, curate a selection of songs for your significant other using your favorite music app. From your favorite R&B slow jams to your go-to karaoke duet—select a playlist that you can both enjoy when you together and when you are apart.

4. Craft A Signature Couples Cocktails 

Craft your signature cocktails using your favorite wines, beers, and spirits. Be your mixologist, as you both construct drinks your signature drinks. Once the drinks are perfect, reveal your signature cocktails to your guests during your next gathering or couples game night. Everyone will be impressed by your new-found bartending skills. Don’t want to leave your house? Grab everything you need to craft the best cocktails at home with local delivery through Drizly. Use the code “DRIZLYDEAL” and receive $5 your first order of $20 or more!

5. build a Comfy fort 

Revert to the days of your youth by building a fort with your partner. Use tables, chairs, pillows, blankets, and anything else you can find to build an indoor fortress of your choosing. Once your DIY fort is complete, grab your favorite snacks, put on a movie or music, and enjoy each other’s company as you cuddle in your new comfortable confines.

6. Discover your best angles with a lively photoshoot 

Add some spice to your next at-home date night with a lively photoshoot. You and your partner will select outfits for one another. Once the outfits are selected, take turns taking photos of one another. Get silly or risky—it is totally up to you.

7. Plan your next Exotic vacation

Plan your next vacation on your next date night. Take the anxiety of planning a trip by preparing for it well in advance. Pick your next destination by using Google or by spinning a classic globe. Research hotels, flights, activities, food-stops, and cultural institutions together, so that you are both on the same page on where you want to go, and how you want to spend your time. Once you have agreed on your final destination the only thing left is to set a date!

8. Write Each Other Romantic Love Letters 

Writing letters is a romantic and cheap date that you can easily do at home. Use 30 minutes to write a romantic love letter to your significant other. Share your fondest memory, a romantic quote, or whatever is on your hearing. Once the letters are complete, tuck them away and plan to meet up to exchange them in person on a different day. If you do not live with your partner, send them the letter though the mail. They will be surprised and delighted to receive a thoughtful and romantic gesture.

Looking for more date night ideas? We got you covered with 13 romantic date night options.



  1. Christina

    Thank you for this list! 🙂 This is the perfect time to connect in a positive way as we will be together for an extended period of time. I am going to try out writing my husband a love letter. We used to do this when we started dating. Thanks for reminding me to start again. 🙂

  2. Len Dulfo

    Great ideas! We’re spending time inside the house bonding with the family. I’m already a stay at home mom so nothing changed much for me, but now’s still the best time to appreciate spending time with family.

  3. Megan

    Ordering in, building a fort, and doing a paint and sip are definitely something I will think about for one night while doing this quarantine! Great ideas.

  4. Gervin Khan

    These is an excellent ideas to do at home, as we all know what’s happening in the entire globe. Such a timely post for everybody to read and consider.

  5. Jessica Lathrop

    This is a great list of ideas! Going to have to bribe our older kids to keep the younger ones out for a few hours and make use of this! Thanks! 🙂

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