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5 Affirmations that will Define my New Year

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2018 was a year of progress. This year I progressed a little more educational, creatively, and professionally. I improved spiritually, mentally, and relationally with others. My growth wasn’t perfect. It felt like I wasn’t moving the needle much on anything, turns out, I moved it a lot! There is a lot that I want to accomplish and achieve and if I learned anything from last year is that whatever my goals are I need to speak them into existence. So, here they are, my five affirmations for the New Year.

 Founder of The Haute Seeker Taylor Justin 

I will be more optimistic and cast away self-doubt.

2018 was a challenging year that was full of pessimism and doubt. It caused me to be very, very cynical — something that is not generally apart of my character. I was doubting my future, my faith, and finding flaws in everything that I did.

I learned that my self-doubt came from my lack of professional and financial growth. I was(and still am) doing the same job every day. And, I loathe it. Don’t get me wrong, the job is great, but not for the long-term, at least not for me. I am a creative and hardworking individual who is stimulated by challenges. I learned this about myself early on in life and have not been satisfied with anything less since. I felt like I wasn’t good enough or only good enough for my current situation.  I know what I am capable of and the fact that I was still in the same place made the self-doubt that much more real. 

I also determined that a lot of my self-doubt gave energy to negativity. Because I was feeling so skeptical; I started to let that spill into everything I did. Literally everything! I was cynical about my job, about my apartment, about my body, about my wardrobe—if it was anything I could complain about I would do it. I realized a couple of things that helped stir the pessimist pot. For one, I was looking and listening to media that wasn’t very encouraging. I began comparing myself and absorbing media that wasn’t positive or encouraging. I also learned that negativity was coming from people that I was surrounded by. My circle of friends and acquaintances over the past five years has evolved tremendously, this year it was no different. Some people lift you, others tear you down, and still, others don’t want to be around.

Reflecting on why I was doubtful and why I was so pessimistic this year has helped me to shape my affirmations for next year. In 2019, I will be more optimistic and cast away self-doubt. This affirmation will become a reality when I stimulate my mind, soul, and spirit with people and things that are motivating and inspiring this will come to fruition by surrounding myself with people that encourage me and believe in my dreams. Overall I will only bring things into my life that cause me to be and do better.  

I will focus on caring for myself first—and foremost.

Last year I wrote about the need to rest. Mentally, I found myself experiencing some pretty tough moments, as mentioned before I was experiencing a lot of negativity and self-doubt, and found self-care to be the only solution. I am a giving person. Very giving. I give my time away a lot to people and things that may not always deserve it. Sometimes all that giving can be draining, and that is where the need for self-care comes in. In 2018, I learned that self-care was necessary. That my mental stability was far more important than any paper or work-related project. 

One of the most fantastic self-care experiences that I had in 2018 was a trip to King Spa. It was amazing — an extraordinary place that I had a chance to experience with a wonderful friend. A day that planned around education turned into tranquility. That one experience completely changed my perspective on doing things to make my self feel rejuvenated. Since then, I have begun to make bubble baths a thing. Making sure that I cut the lights, light some candles, fill my bathtub with some goodies from Lush, and turn on some very mild tunes. It does wonders!

In 2019, I will focus on caring for myself first— and foremost by incorporating most health and wellness-focused regiments into my routine. I plan on experimenting with different foods that may change my diet. I also want to start exercising again but in a new and fun way. Finally, I want to be more firm when it comes to saying ‘no,’ even if it is something that I want to do. Time is precious, and I want to make sure I am doing what is best for me first—and foremost. 

I will dissolve my debt and invest in something that will finance my future.

Money is something that I have never really troubled myself with. When bills are due, I am not struggling to pay them. I eat out when I want to and don’t stress the check. When I want to take a trip, I don’t keep my receipts to reflect on how much money I spent. I have always been a frugal person and have been fortunate to still live within my means.

In 2018, I moved. My cost of living got a little higher, yet my income hasn’t changed much. I also took on the expense of going back to school — an investment that is paying off, yet, something that I did not necessarily want to pay for. Lastly, I took some fabulous trips that are only going to be more fabulous in the new year. Bottom line is things for me financially have to change. 

In 2019, I will dissolve my debt and invest in something that will finance my future. My goals for 2019 are to pay off my student loans and end the year balance on credit cards. I want to begin investing in things that will finance my future such as an income property, higher education, startups and in future technologies. 

I will be consistent in everything that I do.

This affirmiration will be the toughest one yet. Being consistent is a constatnt battle for me. Especially when it comes to the things that are not neccesarily out of need. Brushing my teeth? Great. Posting on Instagram everyday? Eh, not so good. In 2018, I learned how much consistency matters and what good and bad side of doing something that everyone grew accustomeed to looked like. Once an expectation is met, it is important to keep it going to see continued growth and results.

In 2019, I will be consistent in everything that I do. The consistency deeply linked to the success of my passion projects such as this blog. Whether it be writing two fantastic blogs posts so that my weekly views increase or merely responding to emails in a timely fashion at work, I want to remain consistent so that expectations are not only met but exceeded.

I will make influential moves professionally and personally.

Point blank. I am trying to make power moves in the New Year. PERIOD! I mentioned early in this post that I pessimism and self-doubt plagued my 2018. Negativity influenced me to be timid and not use my knowledge and authority to make my name great.

In 2019, I will make influential moves professionally and personally. Professionally, I will make an incredible career move that will challenge me creatively and make me a highly visible to my employers for future leadership positions. I will be influential in the community, as I continue to serve in various volunteer positions. My involvement will so inspire people that they will join these same organizations, clubs, and other affiliations that will in term help build community as well. Lastly, I will make influential moves that will drive collaborations and partnerships all to grow the platform of The Haute

Like new year resolutions, affirmations can be just as tough to commit to for 12 straight months. When I look back at this post, I will remind myself that these affirmations are ones that I set and control. They are my motivation to be to be greater, stronger, happier and more fulfilled in 2019. I share them with you in hopes that as we seek 2019 together that these affirmations will motivate you on your new year’s journey.

What affirmations are defining your new year? Do you have any resolutions this year? Share them as well as any other comments below!

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