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3 Ways To Reinvent Yourself at Any Time in Your Life

3 Ways To Reinvent Yourself at Any Time in Your Life

Everyone has times in their life where they just feel stuck. Maybe your career or your relationship isn’t going quite the way you thought it would. Maybe you’re haunted by the things you’ve always wanted to do and be and how unattainable they feel.

While this feeling is natural, it isn’t a life sentence. Even if you don’t have control over every circumstance in your life, you do have the power to exact change over things you do have control over. And one of those things is you. The best way to exercise that power is by finding ways to reinvent yourself at any time in your life.

1. Re-Examine Your Goals

When we were young, teachers and caregivers told us to make goals for our lives. For many of us, those goals haven’t changed, even though we have. Realizing you’ve outgrown your childhood goals can be a scary concept, but it can be freeing too. Doing so will help you accept where you are now and open up all sorts of possibilities of what you can be.

Have you spent years working toward the goal of becoming a doctor? Maybe it’s time to appreciate your love of working with kids. Have you been burning out in the education field? Consider exploring that novel you’ve always secretly wanted to write.

2. Do Something That Scares You

Reinventing yourself is an act of bravery. And proving to yourself that you are brave is often a good first step. Keep in mind that we aren’t talking about reckless or dangerous activities here. We’re talking about life-giving things that are outside of your comfort zone.

This may look different for different people. But here are a few “scary” things you should try when reinventing yourself:

  • Share your true thoughts with people close to you
  • Open yourself up to dating
  • Try traveling somewhere new, even if by yourself
  • Change careers
  • Face an age-old fear
  • Share a personal project in front of people

Remember, what’s scary for you may not be scary for others, and that’s OK. What matters is that you are taking steps that will move you forward.

3. Reinvent Your Look

There is a concept in psychology called “enclothed cognition.” It’s the idea that what you wear can influence how you feel about yourself and your abilities based on your perception of what you’re wearing. For example, if you wear a lab coat, you’ll feel more confident in your science abilities.

Along the same line, if you wear clothing that makes you feel like a new person, you’ll start to feel like you are. If your current wardrobe represents a way of life you want to leave behind, change it. And don’t stop with your clothes. For a lot of women, wearing a wig or dying their hair is an empowering experience.

Like we said, reinventing yourself takes bravery. And you are much braver than you believe. Taking the first step is all you need to start the journey to an exciting new life.

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