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Stellar Stella’s Diner in Lakeview



I came across a lovely diner in Lakeview called Stella’s, a family-owned, American style restaurant that has been in business for over 50 years.  The charming dining establishment was of course, busy at 12:30 in the afternoon. However, the wait time for my friend and I was less than five minutes. We were seated in a spacious booth by the front door and were quickly handed our menus and two glasses of water. While we took in our menus, an assortment of breakfast plates, and lunch options, I also observed the various types of people who were also dining that afternoon. It was an array of young hipster 20-somethings enjoying various hangover foods, to the families of six or more sharing a Saturday meal together, and of course, the young health-conscious couples enjoying a meal of egg whites and wheat toast.


My friend and I decided to try Stella’s skillet creations, happily referred to as ‘Hobo skillet’. Mine, was a mashup of potatoes, jalapeño, sausage, and some other savory delights, while my friend opted for the same thing, plus chili. We needed something sweet to add to our meal, so we decided to split a plain Belgian style waffle. The meal was stellar.


I am a huge supporter of diners like this. I think it mostly relates to their ability to adapt to change, without changing their authenticity.

Don’t miss out on this neighborhood gem. It is the perfect place for that Midwestern, All-American dining experience. From their friendly and experienced staff to their conservatively priced food can be easily overlooked in a community like Lakeview.

Rated Haute

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