If Its Good Its Gotta B Crepes in Streeterville

spinach and mushroom crepe from Gotta B Crepes

Growing up, my only exposure to crepes were the seasonally themed ones. They would pop up around the spring time at the local Bob Evans in my city. I never tried one. My next and obvious opportunity to try a crepe was my trip to France in high school. Again, no crepe.  So you can imagine my sheer delight when I had another opportunity to try this unique, pancake like dish.

Every Tuesday this summer, the Museum of Contemporary Art held the SOAR Farmers Market. The market offers a variety of items, from fresh cut flower bouquets to organic cheeses and baked goods. The market connects local farmers with residents, and people like myself who work in the area.



One of the connections I made was with Ryan, the owner of Gotta B Crepes. He started the business with his wife, and serve customers from the Loop to Evanston,  their unique crepe recipes at local farmers markets, and other on-site locations. We engaged in great conversation about crepes, and my lack of expertise with them. Since I was new to the crepe game, he cheerfully recommended that I try the savory and seasonal only option, the Chicken Feast Crepe.


This was a very good choice! The savory crepe was filled with fresh chicken, roasted carrots, potatoes, mozzarella cheese and pesto sauce. It was then lightly covered with a white mushroom sauce, all served in kale based batter crepe. The crepe itself was very light and fresh in taste. It was not heavy and did not leave me in angst for a nap before returning back to work. It was truly the perfect portion for a lunchtime meal.


The experience was amazing and instates that an atmosphere does not have to determine the experience. The people, the drivers behind the restaurant or brand, are the ones who truly make dining experience good. Ryan and his team at Gotta B Crepes were quick, friendly, and informative. On top of their great service, they even offered me a complimentary sweet crepe. I chose to indulge in the Nutella crepe. A sweet crepe dusted with powdered sugar  and topped with fluffy whipped cream.  If I had to do my experience again, I would choose Gotta B, because it really was THAT good.



Seekers, get this ‘rated haute’ food before its gone!

Stop by the MCA next Tuesday, from 7 a.m.- 2 p.m., for the final SOAR farmers market of the year. Grab your own crepe from Gotta B along with some other goods from the collection vendors at this final market of the season.


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