Two Ways to Style a White Blazer: Outfits for Work and the Weekend

This February I shared the radical way to wear an all white outfit in the winter time. I am back with another fabulous way to wear the color white this summer this time in the form of a white blazer. So you may be asking yourself, okay, what is up with this girl and white outfits? It’s not like I have an incredible affinity for white. It is purely timing. My last fashion post was several months ago, now we are in summer, with summer you just tend to wear white, and boom, another white inspired outfit post!

The Look

But seriously, this How to Wear is pretty special as it draws on my favorite article of clothing. I recently received a photo from a childhood friend. In it, I am wearing the heels from my childhood friends mother and a blue blazer that I am absolutely swimming in. My love of blazers only seemed to blossom from there. In college, I had a sturdy collection, most that I collected at my local thrift store. Even in my About page, I am wearing a St. Laurent blazer that I found at a Salvation Army in Savannah, Georgia.

I have been obsessed with this particular article of clothing for a very long time. I find myself really attracted to blazers because of the symbolism they seem to exude. Blazers imply structure, power, a very boss-mentality. All things that I love to be associated with—I mean who wouldn’t? For this How To Wear It, I wanted to show two ways to rock a blazer, for wearing to work and during the weekend.

How To Wear It

Wear a white blazer to work

First, let’s start with the blazer. The blazer I styled for this look was a great find at H&amp. It is an unstructured blazer with an embossed herringbone pattern and no label. It has a nice fit to it without coming off too formal.

For the first look with the white blazer, I thought instantly about how I one could wear it to the office. The white blazer is from H&M, the black camisole is from Express, the floral print silk skirt is from Nordstrom. The white sandal heels are Calvin Klein. The silver jewelry is a little bit vintage a little bit H&M.

This look is great for a big presentation or a working lunch with a new client as it is both fashion-forward and polished. It’s also perfect to wear to a ‘haute happy hour’ in the city—I mean, who wouldn’t want to look this cute past 5′ o clock!

Taylor Justin wearing a white blazer in Chicago
Taylor Justin wearing holding White Blazer off the shoulder
Taylor Justin wearing a White Blazer looking out into the distance
Taylor Justin wearing a White Blazer at South Shore Cultural Center

Wear a white blazer for the weekend

The next look takes a good idea of the first look and transforms the white blazer into an equally worthy second way to wear the blazer. This time—themed for the weekend.

For the second look, I combined the same H&M white blazer with a funky graphic t-shirt that I picked up from the Silver Room, a local boutique shop in Chicago. I swapped my floral print maxi skirt for classic khaki pants and Burberry sneakers. I also paired the look with a vintage gold chain from my grandmother’s jewelry collection, resin earrings from T.J Maxx and wooden bangles from my own collection.

The second look is definitely more weekend ready. It’s a great way to make a classic piece a little more casual. This is a great look to wear to a Chicago festival during the cooler summer evenings or to a fun free event, such as 2nd Fridays in Pilsen.

Taylor Justin wearing a White Blazer with t-shirt at South Shore Cultural Center
Taylor Justin wearing a White Blazer with t-shirt at South Shore Cultural Center looking down
Taylor Justin wearing a White Blazer with t-shirt at South Shore Cultural Center full frontal
Taylor Justin  by the water

Both looks can be easily mixed and match to create an additional two to three great looks that can also be worn for both work and the weekend. Be sure to let me know your favorite between the two!

Shop It

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  1. Aga

    You look absolutely stunning! Especially the second outfit is super gorgeous! 🙂 Maybe I’ll add a white blazer to my wardrobe.

    xxxx Aga

    1. Taylor J

      Yes! I think a “wrap” dress on any women is super flattering, and you can most likely wear it on multiple locations beyond your party! These dresses are generally cinched at the waist with some type of belt that really shows off our curves nicely. I would check out a department store for some nice options. Brands that tend to make these really well are DVF, Calvin Klein, and Michael Kors. They are generally available in different price ranges as well! Please share your finds with me!

  2. Streamed TV Fan

    With two little boys, I wouldn’t dare to wear white, much less a nice white blazer. But now that the summer is here and you’ve shown how you can wear it casually with a floral skirt, I might give it a try.

    1. Taylor J

      That’s the beauty of styling looks like these, you can generally find something that works for your day to day lifestyle! You can also omit the blazer and wear a darker colored off the should top/blouse that way you wont have to worry about any possible stains while playing with your little ones. And, most importantly, you can still look and feel fabulous!

  3. A Nikole

    That’s an awesome blazer! I agree with your opinion on blazers and I have way too many myself! LOL. I love white for the summer. I see you looking fabulous!

    1. Taylor J

      Same. That’s why blazers are great. They are lighter versions of jackets for us “cold-blooded” folks out there! haaha

  4. Polly Amora

    Hi Taylor, I hope you’re having a good day! First of all, girl you’re slaying it! <3 I wear blazers for work but I kind of avoid wearing white because I am not the neatest person. Hahaha! After seeing this, I think I might give it a try. Thank you very much for the inspiration! <3

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