The Soulful Chicago Book Fair

The literary history of Chicago is a story worthy reading from cover to cover.

Chicago claims some of America’s most influential and prominent authors, from the 20th and 21st century including Gwendolyn Brooks and Theodore Dreiser. The city continues to take literature to new levels with the many book festivals held throughout the year, like the Printers Row Lit Fest and Newberry Festival.

Yet, there is an opportunity to highlight communities that are underwhelmed when it comes to literature, and that leaves a page for the Soulful Chicago Book Fair.

The free fair, founded by local Chicago author, Asadah Kirkland, the author of “Beating Black Kids”,  will bring together six blocks of ‘author-centric’ literature and art highlighting the African Diaspora.

The fair will take place on Saturday, July 16th on 61st street, between Cottage Grove and King Drive, in the historic Woodlawn neighborhood.

The fair seeks to create a renewed appreciation for literacy and the arts in the African-American community, and “create a counter narrative to Chicago’s reputation for violence”.  A negative narrative that is so often replayed. The fair will also host workshops, activities for children, and a host of other events throughout the day.

Get the most out of your visit by exploring neighborhood eateries such as Greenline Coffee and Daley’s Restaurant.





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