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Rebel with a Cause

A couple of weeks ago my friend and I stopped by the Bucktown Arts Festival. Another summer festival that is curated with various arts and crafts from vendors across Chicago and the midwest in general. One vendor in the fair caught my eye in particular, and that was the booth of Rebel Nell.

Rebel Nell is a self-sustaining jewelry line, whose purpose is to employ, educate, and empower disadvantaged women in Detroit. Ultimately, helping them transition to a more independent life. The company repurposes graffiti from several fallen walls in the city, creating unique pieces that range from necklaces to cuff links.


During the festival, I had the pleasure of meeting Julia Rhodes, and had to learn more about this awesome brand.

The company is all about girl power. Rebel Nell was founded by a woman, Amy Peterson, a former attorney who adopted Detroit as her home. Back in  the mid 2000’s, Amy saw an opportunity to fashionable create empowerment and entrepreneurship in her community. To this day, she employes all women on her creative team and develops their skills in various ways daily.

Isn’t interesting how rebellion works? Amy Peterson and her team of women are rebelling against the idea that women cannot create for themselves. They are rebelling against the idea that there is no economic opportunity in Detroit. They are rebelling against the idea that people and places cannot be saved. They are finding a cause for it all!

This company truly shows Rebels with a Cause, a good one.

As a aspiring entrepreneur, I am truly inspired by this company’s mission and look forward to changing my community in such a creative way very soon.

Love the looks from Rebel Nell? No worries, you do not have to venture to the ‘Motor City’ to buy the pieces. Find them at some of Chicago’s local museum gift shops, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, and local retailer, Greenheart Shop.


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