Chance The Rapper Invests in technology that keeps the homeless warm throughout the winter

Have you ever given someone a really good Christmas gift?

One that is so good, that the recipient is speechless, surprised and overall, just grateful? Because the gift given was done so with warmth, and love, and was truly bought from the heart? I have never had that experience before, but I am hoping that this holiday season I will!

Listening to the Morning Takeover on WGCI radio last week, I heard about an opportunity to give an extraordinary holiday gift containing everything that I mentioned, and more. I turned up my radio to learn more about an effort spearheaded by one of Chicago’s very own young, ambitious rappers, Chance the Rapper.


Chance, has received major attention over the past several weeks for being the first independent artists to perform on SNL. He is a native of Chicago and has major family ties to the city political and socially. The rapper has been a standout in the hip-hop world for his powerful, refreshing, and transparent lyrics.

He carries Chicago on his back, literally, wherever he goes. He constantly represents his hometown by supporting local fashion and lifestyle brands and continues to show love to his community through philanthropic efforts. Whether it be educational events with celebrity friends such as,  Get Schooled, or summer music festivals like Teens in the Park, or even his most recent effort, Warmest Winter Chicago.

Warmest Winter Chicago is a collaborative initiative between Chance and The Empowerment place a non-profit based organization based in Detroit, that encourages others to donate or sponsor 1,000 multi-functional coat to homeless men and women in Chicago.

After hearing about this effort, I could not help but to enthused for this project. The opportunity to donate to a cause like this that supports a full circle mission is amazing. So, in addition to the gifts for my intermediate family, I also donated to this non-profit organization.

I encourage all of my fellow good seekers out there to check out this project and any other community efforts that really speak to your heart this holiday season. This is what I have done and I could not be more excited. Even if I never meet the recipient, I know that this may be the warmest gift the person may ever receive, and that is really good to me.

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