Fashion, Politics, Ethics: A Candid Conversation With Hoda Katebi

While some fashion bloggers hype up major labels through influencer partnerships, Hoda Katebi provides a different type of endorsement to these well-known brands. She includes them in a boycott list. The boycott list not only makes a bold statement but I a strong desire to learn more. The boycott list is an eye-catcher but it's not…

i am we_goodseeker_podcast

I Am We is Using Art as A Catalyst to Unite Chicago Communites

Latisha Thomas and I met in 2013. I was a fresh college graduate in a new city. I had lived in Chicago for less than a month when I reached out to her about volunteering for her very young non-profit. We met and had a genuine connection. She was a graduate from Columbia, a fellow…

Learning Curve: Accelerating the Rise of the Alex Carter Brand

A Behind the Seams interview with fashion designer Chelsey Carter and how she is accelerating her continuously rising outerwear brand.