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The 21 Most Inclusive Venues in Chicago

The 21 Most Inclusive Venues in Chicago that celebrate diversity and a damn good time any night of the week.


Came One, Came All to the Powerful 2017 AGORA Sneakerball

An unexpected approach to the galas of the past that is ushering young professionals of the present into a new wave of philanthropic giving.


‘Foodie Heaven’ is Opening the Gates for Emerging Chefs in Chicago

Food festivals in Chicago are all about sharing one’s cultural through dishes, drinks, and desserts. That is where the Foodie Heaven Event Series comes in.


The Public Resurgence of Eugene Eda’s Doors for Malcolm X College

These doors tell a powerful narrative. One that is beautifully depicted as resilient, creative, historic, and an honorable.


See How Artists Changed the Narrative of AIDS in America

The discussion of AIDS in 2016 is still a very tough conversation to have. We know the alarming statistics and are even aware of a possible cure. Yet, if the conversation arises are we really ready to talk about it?



The Freedom Principle

The multigenerational composition of both art and wrapped in one place, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.



SOFA Expo Chicago

The annual showcase of international art work from premier galleries held at Navy Pier.



Always Open: Open House Chicago

The city opened wide the doors to some of the most charming, mesmerizing, and exclusive buildings this past weekend at the annual Open House Chicago event.