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The Freedom Principle: Experiments in Art and Music, 1965 to Now

The Freedom Principle was a multigenerational composition of both art and wrapped in one place at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

The exhibition, that took place from Jul 11th until Nov 22nd, focused on the experimentation of both art and jazz in the South side of  Chicago during the 1960’s. The works of black avant-garde artists from that pivotal time period were showcased alongside those of both local and national contemporary artist of today.

Works featured during the exhibit included music and art from the AACM, Art Ensemble of Chicago, and AfriCobra, rich organizations that focus on the emphasis and development of African-Americans in the arts.


Glen ligon give us a poem
Glen Ligon “Give Us A Poem”
Art Ensemble of Chicago
Douglas R. Ewart, George Lewis, Douglas Repetto “Rio Negro II”
Matana roberts, always say your name
Matana Roberts “Always Say Your Name”
Nari ward
Nari Ward “We the People”

I was very happy to see this collection of works were at the MCA. I visited the Brooklyn Museum of Arts in New York and was blown away by the immense amount of support the museum showed its local artists. I thought to myself “how come our contemporary museum doesn’t do that”.  It was nice to know and see that they actually do! It was pretty awesome to be apart of this space. People from around the world were able to partake in something that was very much black, and very much Chicago.  The Freedom Principle, crafted, created, and produced by those who believed in the cultural conversations and the curiosities it would bring.


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