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I Don’t Live in Chiraq


I don’t live in ‘Chiraq’. I am not sure of any one who does. But when you take in account the 400 plus homicides that have already happened in 2015 alone, I can see how a person can compare the levels of gun violence here, to Iraq, a  country with a history of mass destruction.

President Obama is visiting his home town of Chicago, on October 27th, to discuss tougher national gun laws so that strict local restrictions can be made. According to the LA Times, Chicago has pretty high standards for gun control. Its the surrounding states prove to be a problem; with “some 60% of the guns associated with crimes in Chicago come from out of state, according to Chicago Police Department statistics. Mississippi, with an F on the scorecard, is another source.” Wow.

It’s tragic when a family, a community, and a city is so overpowered by the negativity of an epidemic like this, that it outweighs the efforts of good being done in these areas.

So, let me highlight one.

Chicago Ideas Week, a ‘curious platform’ of all things inspiring and thought-provoking. I have had the opportunity to volunteer with this organization for three years, and this year I could not be more excited with the project they helped launch.

Music Versus Gun Violence features Chicago musicians and hip-hop artists who speak out against the major issue plaguing the city that they call home. This collaboration allows people to share their own verse or stories with the world. It encourages people to put the gun downs and do better for now only themselves, but others around them. It is a therapeutic conversation for everyone who has been affected by gun violence.

Writing about this platform makes me question myself. How can I do my part to stop the gun violence in this city? What talents or resources do I have?

Blogging about it helps, but as always, actions speak louder than words.

Until I come up with a solid solution, I will do all I can to spread the good of this city to everyone I know.

Because I don’t live in ‘Chiraq’.

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