Pleats that Pop!

For this HTWITW, I was inspired by the early peaks of spring weather for this look. We had some pretty excellent weather the weekend this look was shot, although, during the actual shoot, winds were whipping and raging throughout. Despite all of that, I was determined to put together an outfit that embraced the seasonal peaks and valleys of our weather. This look brings together pops of color and texture to a fashion-forward look.

This fabulous dress was a nice bargain find from Zara. The babydoll shaped dress is the true glue to this mashup look. The vibrant orange is a great color for a brown skin girl who is always looking for the right complementary brights that best suit her.  The shape is fantastic too. The pleated dress creates texture and dimension to the look as well.  Because of the pleats, the body is essentially elongated and slimmer. Nothing more flattering than that!

I love this dress and looking back, would have totally worn it differently. This outfit would have looked amazing with some thigh-high black boots and kimono coat from Kenzo, a perfect street-style look. Another way to wear this dress is to pair it with nude tone heels for a weekday dinner ensemble or with some white sneakers and an oversized denim jacket for a trendy weekend shopping look.

Style Seekers, how would you wear this pre-spring look? Share with me in your comments below!

Windy City Red
Dress: Zara

Windy City Red

Windy City Red

Windy City Red


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