City of the Cold Shoulders Shirt

The off-the-shoulder shirt trend has been making waves since the showing of Spring ’16 fashion lines. The trend is not going away anytime soon, just gradually modifying. Collections like Balmain, styled the trend in a conservative yet glamorous manner. While the designers at Marques Almeida, altered the look to a more 80’s inspired one-shoulder looking, adding volume and a little more street style appeal.

I love this trend! And quickly hopped on the off-the-shoulder bandwagon. I have always thought that my shoulders and collar bone area are my best features. I am fortunate to have a long enough physique that this work, no matter how much shoulder is shown, looks flattering on me.

This summer I dawned a red, bohemian inspired off-the-shoulder top. As a transitional alternative, I found a long sleeved, more “conservative” version of the trendy top, slightly inspired by the Balmain look seen previously.

Top: H&M, Skirt: Zara, Belt: Unknown, Wedges: Target, Bag: MCM

I paired my off-the-shoulder with a maxi, a slightly sheer black skirt, some bootie wedges, and a bolero bag to create a minimalist yet sultry look. It was perfect for a fashionable night out in the city.

Where this out to a fashion-forward event or a Friday night out on the town. The look is perfect for evenings that are 70 below. You might catch something else in this cold-shoulder look, but it won’t be cold.

Fellow Seekers, how would you wear this look?

Taylor J

The Haute Seeker is a digital platform created through the curious lenses of Taylor Justin, whose mission is to actively seek and share the cultural diversity found in the city of Chicago. Taylor is an Ohio-born, Southern-raised transplant who loves to vintage shop, museum hop, and live "like a local" in every city she visits. She is Jill of all trades and has an extensive background in fashion, marketing, sales, event planning, and community engagement.

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