Distance Makes the Reader Grow Fonder

It’s been a long seven months fellow seekers.


Since I started this blog late last year, there have been a couple of changes.

My hair. My apartment. My job. Even my age.

I have been on many different roads since 2015, and they have completely gotten me off my path of seeking.

But now, I am back!

I am ready to seek and share the unseen arts, fashion, food, and community good that I find in Chicago and other places that I visit.


Continue on this journey of seeking with me readers.

I promise the best is yet to come!

Stay Seeking,




Taylor J

The Haute Seeker is a digital platform created through the curious lenses of Taylor Justin, whose mission is to actively seek and share the cultural diversity found in the city of Chicago. Taylor is an Ohio-born, Southern-raised transplant who loves to vintage shop, museum hop, and live "like a local" in every city she visits. She is Jill of all trades and has an extensive background in fashion, marketing, sales, event planning, and community engagement.

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