Sunday Afternoon at Nana in Bridgeport

Nana restaurant is nestled on the corner of 32nd and Halsted on of the more commercialized streets in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago. In a previous post, I briefly mentioned the history of this near south side area, known for massive manufacturing industries, the historic Union Stockyards, White Sox’s stadium on 35th street.

My afternoon at Nana this past Sunday quite lovely. The restaurant is one of those places that is just, very easy going. I called before I arrived, to verify if a possible wait time on the mildly warm day, as I assumed everyone would be out and about.  I called the restaurant and was told by a very charming hostess, that there was no wait and there was plenty of counter seating available. So, I hastily made my way there.


Navigating to the quaint restaurant was simple. Easy street parking, free meter until the next day, the perfect start to this Sunday afternoon experience. I made my way in, was greeted by the same charming hostess I spoke to over the phone and was seated at a counter height bar in the front. Seated next to me was a cute mid-30’s couple who just made their way from the Renegade Craft Fair down the street, and a copy of the quarterly community magazine, Gazette. The ambiance of the restaurant was every bit reflective of the restaurant, organic.

This family-owned business provides genuine hospitality alongside a simple menu of American food with Latin American influences, a bar full of cocktails and coffees to satisfy anyone’s beverage crave. I started my meal with the Green Tea Machata Latter, similar to classic Chai Tea. I was instantly hooked! My entree was the Huevos Rancheros, a very filling platter, extra sides of potatoes or fruit were unneeded. I could taste the freshness of local farms in every bit of that meal.

Machata latta green tea and huevos rancherod

My Sunday afternoon at Nana was such a natural, easy going experience. I highly recommend it. They even have a family-style Sunday supper that I would love to go back and try next time I am there.

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